List of the 4,000 largest PV Installers Europe [2024]

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Solar Installer Europe

List of 10 large PV-installers in Europe [2024]

The sun’s energy is currently a dominant force in Europe’s renewable energy landscape, with solar photovoltaic (PV) installations playing a pivotal role. As countries strive for energy independence and a sustainable future, the demand for solar power continues to increase. But who are the key players enabling this transition?  This article dives into the ten leading solar photovoltaic installers in Europe. We will explore their expertise, project portfolios, and what sets them apart.

1. Acciona SA (Spain)

Acciona SA is a global leader in sustainable infrastructure solutions and has carved out a prominent niche in Europe’s renewable energy landscape, particularly in the solar sector. The Madrid based company isn’t just a solar installer; it is a key player in the entire solar value chain, from design and construction to operation and maintenance. Acciona has a longstanding commitment to photovoltaic solar energy. Since 2001, they have been at the forefront of innovation, building what was then the largest photovoltaic plant in Spain (Tudela, Navarra). Their commitment is demonstrated by the more than 30 large-scale photovoltaic plants they have built around the world, with a total capacity of more than 2 GWp. While photovoltaics is a cornerstone of Acciona’s solar expertise, the company is not limited to this technology. It has played a leading role in the revival of solar thermal energy, commissioning the Nevada Solar One plant in the US in 2007. Its experience also extends to engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services for solar thermal plants, offering clients a turnkey project contractor solution. One exemplary installation is the Sierra Brava floating photovoltaic plant. This installation was the first grid-connected floating photovoltaic solar plant in Spain. The project commenced in 2020 and has a total peak capacity of 1.375 MWp.

2. Project Solar UK Ltd (UK)

Project Solar UK was founded in 2011 and is the most prominent installer of solar panels across the United Kingdom. The company is headquartered in Burton on Trent, Staffordshire, and is the most accredited solar panel installation company in the United Kingdom. In the previous year, the company was bestowed with the titles of “Company of the Year”, “European Installer of the Year”, and “The Best Project Planner”. To date, they have installed in excess 45,000 solar panels (and batteries), thereby reducing carbon emissions by 150,000 tonnes. Project Solar operates from two offices, one in the Northwest and the other in the Midlands. These offices provide clients with 24/7 monitoring, lifetime guarantees and high-quality expertise. Project Solar offers its installation services not only to domestic clients but also to commercial customers. The company’s clientele includes industrial and commercial businesses, local authorities, housing associations, and other entities. Project Solar operates on a national scale across the United Kingdom, thereby potentially making its services accessible to a broad customer base.

3. Iqony Solar Energy Solutions GmbH (Germany)

SENS – Iqony Solar Energy Solutions – is a leading photovoltaic installer in Würzburg , Germany and a construction company specialising in ground-mounted PV systems. Additionally, the company offers maintenance services for photovoltaic parks. The company has installed in excess of 8,000 systems in over 40 countries. One exemplary installation is a solar park in Berching/Oening, Bavaria, in the vicinity of Ingolstadt. With an output of 15 MW, the photovoltaic system can supply up to 4,000 households with renewable energy, thereby complementing a wind farm that was previously constructed in the area. The plant was commissioned by the Altmühl-Jura Energiegenossenschaft (AJE), which is planning a number of ground-mounted PV projects in the vicinity of the municipality. SENS previously operated under the name STEAG Solar Energy Solutions. The company perceives itself as a comprehensive solution provider for industry in the field of energy efficiency.

4. Secundo Photovoltaik GmbH (Austria)

Secundo Photovoltaik is based in Ebensee am Traunsee and specializes in the installation of large-scale photovoltaic systems for commercial and industrial customers. The company’s core competencies lie in project development, turnkey installations, and post-installation support. The company has successfully completed a diverse range of projects, encompassing a spectrum of scales, from smaller PV systems with an output of 11 kWp to large-scale projects with 1 MWp. To date Secundo has already installed photovoltaic systems at 45 Turmöl filling stations. The tower oil filling station at the Altmünster site has resulted in a reduction of 13.47 tons of CO2 emissions per year. In 2019, Secundo became part of the DCC Energy family, a global leader in the energy sector. This strategic move enhances their access to resources and expertise, potentially enabling them to undertake even larger-scale projects and expand their reach beyond Austria.

5. Solar NRG (Netherlands)

Solar NRG is headquartered in Poeldijk and is the most experienced solar installer in the Netherlands. The company offers a distinctive service in the solar panel installation sector. They provide a comprehensive range of services to meet the diverse need of their clients. Their services include residential solutions, commercial expertise, industrial power, and ongoing maintenance and monitoring services to ensure optimal performance and longevity of their solar systems. The company’s portfolio includes residential and commercial rooftop installations, large-scale ground mounted installations, and solar carports. One of Solar NRG’s largest projects is the ABC Westland in Poeldijk. The project commenced in 2016/2018 with the installation of 18.274 photovoltaic panels, with a total capacity of 4,75 MWp. The company’s primary focus is on the Dutch solar sector, where they adopt a more holistic approach, going beyond the installation of solar panels to actively promote sustainability throughout their operations.

6. Svea Solar (Sweden)

The Stockholm based company Svea Solar was established in 2014 and offers a comprehensive range of solar solutions. Svea Solar was founded in Sweden, but its ambition extends beyond the boundaries of the nation state. The company has expanded its operations to include Germany, Spain, Belgium, and the Netherlands, thereby consolidating its position as a significant player in the European solar energy market. Svea Solar serves both residential and commercial clients, designing and installing rooftop solar panels for homes and businesses. In order to achieve even greater impact, they have expanded into the utility-scale solar market, developing large-scale solar parks that contribute significantly to Europe’s renewable energy mix. To date, the company has completed more than 20,000 solar installation projects, with the installation of 9 million solar panel modules. In 2022 the Financial Times designated the company as one of the fastest growing enterprises in Europe.  Svea Solar is also a member of Svensk Solenergi, an industry organisation dedicated to the advancement of solar energy in Sweden. In 2023, the company inaugurated Sweden’s largest solar park in Fjällskär, in collaboration with Bixia and Parks and Resorts, with a capacity of 20,2 MW.

7. Solcellespesialisten AS (Norway)

Fredrikstad-based solar installer Solcellespesialisten was established in 2005 and has since become Norways leading supplier and installer of solar energy systems, with a significant presence in the country’s market. The company has successfully delivered over 4,000 solar systems across Norway, providing solutions that cater to the diverse needs of clients in the residential, commercial, and utility-scale sectors. Solcellespesialisten provides a comprehensive end-to-end service, encompassing initial consultation, commissioning, and post-sales support. The company has eight operational facilities across Norway, with an aggregate installed capacity of 188 MW.

8. Eco Horizon Ltd. (Ireland)

Eco Horizon Ltd. was founded in 2015 and is a Mountrath based solar installation company, providing a comprehensive range of solar photovoltaic solutions for both residential and commercial customers. The company has a strong focus on the Irish market with a diverse clientele, providing ground and roof mounted solar installations. Eco Horizon installs solar panels from Solarwatt, a global leader in solar technology. Solarwatt offers a range of solar panels with higher yield rates, maximum efficiency and optimum mechanical strength.

9. Solarigo Systems Oy (Finland)

Solarigo Systems Oy, situated in Pirkkala in the heart of Finland, has emerged as a leading enterprise in the country’s transition towards clean energy. The company was founded in 2015 and has established a niche market position by specialising in solar power solutions for businesses of all sizes.  While rooftop solar installations represent a core offering, Solarigo extends beyond the typical. The company offers novel solutions such as solar carports and ground-mounted solar systems for businesses with suitable land space. To date, the company has completed more than 250 solar projects, with an aggregate installed capacity of 80MW. One exemplary installation is the Callio-Hitura solar park in Pyhäjärvi which has a capacity of 75MW. In June of this year, the company started the installation of the 120.000 solar modules.

10. ENGIE My Power SAS (France)

Engie My Power is a constituent of the French multinational energy company Engie. Engie is a global leader in the energy sector, specializing in the generation, transmission, and distribution of electricity and natural gas, as well as the provision of energy services. The Group advocates for societal changes that achieve a balance between social progress, economic growth, and the conservation of natural resources. Engie is managed by a 14-member Board of Directors and employs 96,000 people. The Group is committed to achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2045. To achieve this, they adopted a strategic roadmap in May 2021. In this endeavour, Engie has now reduced its international presence: Operating in 31 countries, down from 70 in 2018. Engie My Power offers a complete service for residential solar installations including free personalized studies, installation by approved partners, and administrative support. The company does not merely install solar panels, it also offers customers a mobile app that allows them to monitor their solar panel production in real-time. This allows homeowners to track their energy savings and optimize their energy consumption habits. Furthermore, the company provides ongoing maintenance and support services to ensure the long-term performance of the solar installation.


Solar Installers Europe

Included columns in our European PV installer database

  • Company Name (available for 100% of the entries)
  • Legal form (approximately available for 70% of the entries)
  • URL (available for 100% of the entries)
  • Country (available for 100% of the entries)
  • City (approximately available for 99% of the entries)
  • Postcode (approximately available for 98% of the entries)
  • Address (approximately available for 98% of the entries)
  • Email (approximately available for 95% of the entries)
  • Phone (approximately available for 98% of the entries)
  • Top Installer (13% of the entries)
  • Certified Installer (18% of the entries)
  • Management (approximately available for 78% of the entries)
  • Regional focus (approximately available for 69% of the entries)
  • Entry added (available for 100% of the entries)
  • Last reviewed (available for 100% of the entries)
  • Last updated (available for 100% of the entries)

In some cases, data can be missing due to unavailability (e.g. no management names were available). In these cases, we indicate the fields in the list as “n.a.”

Number of entries per country

As the list provides an overview of European PV installers, a variety of different countries are included. This diagram shows the spread of countries included. All countries with less than 50 entries are summarized under “other countries”.

Overview of included countriesPicture Sources: Markus Spiske & Unsplash+ (08.07.2024)

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