List of the 100 largest renewable energy service providers in Europe [2023]

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Last update: 6th March, 2023

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European service provider for renewable energy

List of 10 renewable energy service providers in Europe

1) Apricum GmbH (Berlin, Germany)

The Apricum GmbH is a service provider company offering consulting and transaction advisory in a variety of renewable energy asset classes. The company has its headquarter in Berlin and is active worldwide – with a respectable client base: while working with a wide range of different company sizes, Apricum has worked together with renewable energy giants such as Vattenfall, Susi Partners, RWE and more. Since their founding in 2008, the consulting firm has established expertise in different projects and deals all over the world.

2) Acciona, SA (Madrid, Spain)

Acciona is one of the best known European service providers. While most of their projects are in their homecountry Spain (their headquarter is in Madrid), the company is active all over the world. While the ‘energy pillar’ is one of many (Acciona is also active in real estate, transport and other areas), the company accounts itself as the global leader in the development, engineering, construction, operation and maintenance of renewable assets. This is reflected in the installed capacity: wind and solar energy alone hold over 10 GW of installed capacity.

Update 2023: Together with Plug Power, Acciona has started a green hydrogen project in Rocaforte, Spain. The project will be power by wind and energy projects, which are also developed and managed by Acciona.

3) 3e (Brussels, Belgium)

3e is a provider for digital solutions in the renewable energy market. Being founded in 1999 the company has worked its way up and now has offices in Cape town, India, Spain and Brussels, where their headquarter is. 3e offers multiple different solutions: Power Forecasting, Wind and Solar Analytics and Yield Analytics are just an excerpt from their portfolio. Moreover the company offers individual solutions for a variety of different stakeholders such as Investors, Project Developers, Independent Power Producers or Asset Operators.

4) BVG Associates (Swindon, UK)

BVG Associates is one of many service providers based in the United Kingdom BVG has its headquarter in Swindon. The consulting company has expertise in business strategy consulting, economic and technology consulting and therefore is a highly valuable and versatile player in the market. Moreover BVG focuses on wind energy and has racked up specialized knowledge in both onshore and offshore wind energy. This is evident in their technology consulting where they offer a not only  performance and change management but also life extension consulting and technical assessment.

5) K2Management (Aarhus, Denmark)

K2Management is a danish service provider active in construction, operations and maintenance and finance advisory. The company based in Aarhus, Denmark is globally active and present in over 40 countries. They offer services all over the value chain – starting as an owners engineer, to technical advisory, yield analysis and project management. K2 has expertise in (onshore and offshore) wind energy, as well as solar/PV energy and projects in the wave/tidal area.

6) Esapro, S.r.l. (San Pietro in Gu (PD), Italy)

Esapro is an Italian constructor, operator and provider of IT-Services in the solar market based in San Pietro in Gu. While focusing solely on solar energy, the company offers a variety of different services in this field: starting with the development, design and construction of PV plants, the maintenance as well as operation and management of solar parks to the monitoring as well as the revamping and repowering of photovoltaic systems.

7) Voltiq, B.V. (Utrecht, The Netherlands)

Voltiq is also not an unsung name in the renewable energy market – their area of work is “renewable energy finance”. The Utrecht-based company offers services both in Debt & Equity (raising, structuring and restructuring as well as M&A in the renewable energy market) and in Transactions & Modelling. Voltiq also has a high expertise in multiple asset classes and therefore is open for (both onshore and offshore) wind projects, solar PV and CSP, hydro projects as well as biomass projects. They also had contact with transmission projects in Chile and Brazil – generally, Voltiq is active globally.

8) Meeco AG (Zug, Switzerland)

Meeco is a Swiss service provider in the renewable energy market with its headquarters in Zug. This company is another example for a service provider being active all over the value chain. As such, meeco offers strategic consulting, financial planning, project management, the implementation of plants as well as the operation and maintenance and the monitoring of plants. In line with Switzerlands most common renewable energy assets, where an important part of ‘green energy’ come from hydro plants, meeco has expertise in hydro energy, solar plants and in addition offers services in the battery storage market.

9) Greensolver (Paris, France)

Greensolver is a french consulting and management firm. Their geographical focus lies in Europe, with offices (in addition to their headquarter in Paris) in Dublin, London, Groningen, Madrid, Athens and Porto. The asset manager has a track record of over 3.7GW and is focussed mainly on solar energy, onshore wind plants as well as green hydrogen projects. As a construction manager Greensovler has a history of over 100 parks build. Working together with different actors in the market (mostly banks, investors and developers), the company works on smaller, individual projects as well as large portfolios.

10) Fred. Olsen Windcarrier, AS (Sentrum, Norway)

Fred. Olsen Windcarrier is based in Sentrum, Norway and also a company of good name. As the company name already states, their asset focus lies on wind energy, specifically on offshore plants. The roots of the Nordic company go back to 1848, while the renewable focus was established in 1996. Nowadays Fred. Olsen Windcarrier is a construction company also offering operation and management of (offshore) wind parks. The company is globally active and has a track record of over 700 installations.

List of 10 renewable energy service provider in Europe

Renewable Energy Service Providers

The renewable energy market is one of the most important industries of the 21st century: while energy demands are changing and rising, the climate change pushes us towards changing our energy landscape. Renewable energy markets are heterogenous and packed with different players – starting with manufacturers of wind turbines or solar panels, to startups aiming to renew the industry (see our List of +100 renewable energy startups in Europe). Service Providers play a huge role in every step in the value chain: Starting with consulting as well as corporate finance & deal advisory,  the construction and certification and testing of renewable energy plants, the operation and maintenance of these plants, to legal activities and IT-Services. Most of the time, service providers are working together closely with renewable energy developers and investors, who are mostly active in the beginning of a new project (see our List of +150 renewable energy developers in europe as well as our List of +150 renewable energy investors in europe).

Service provider directory
Map of European renewable energy service providers in our database

The perfect list to gain valuable customers and partnerships

Our list – delivered as a handy excel file – is perfect for the identification of new customers or partnerships for various players in the industry. The excel file allows you to filter the data according your criteria. For instance, with just a few clicks you can identify (european) service providers active in the construction of solar parks. Or: companies focused on offshore wind with headquarters in Germany.

Compiling the list of renewable energy service providers

In order to compile our list of European renewable energy service providers, our team creens transactions, analyzes new projects and is in close contact with various players in the renewables industry. Through our state-of-the-art crawler technology, the list is updated and extended multiple times per year. Every entry in the list is also accessible in our online database. In case we missed an important service provider, please submit it here.

Different types of service providers covered

Types of Service Providers in our List
Types of Service Providers in our List

Our list mainly includes the most important types of renewable energy service providers: Operation & Maintenance, Consulting, Construction, Corporate Finance & Deal Advisory, IT-Services as well as Legal and Certification and testing. In Addition, the asset classes in which the service providers are active is noted – provided that this information is made available. Our asset classes are: Onshore and offshore wind, solar and hydro energy, hydrogen projects, as well as energy storage and biomass/biogas.









Included columns in our renewable energy service providers list

Our list includes all renewable energy service providers from our database, all information that is available on specific web pages, and even more data points (like executives). The list includes all publicly available information or data points shared by the companies themselves.

  • Company Name
  • Legal form
  • Stock listed?
  • Ticker symbol
  • URL
  • Country
  • City
  • Postcode
  • Address
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Certification & Testing?
  • Construction?
  • Operations and Maintenance (O&M)?
  • Corporate Finance & Deal Advisory?
  • Consulting?
  • IT Services?
  • Legal?
  • Onshore Wind?
  • Offshore Wind?
  • Solar?
  • Hydro?
  • Hydrogen projects?
  • Energy storage?
  • Biomass/Biogas?
  • Management
  • Regional Focus
  • Founding year

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