List of 3 wind farm developers active in Poland

Poland’s heavy reliance on coal, which in 2017 provided 80% of the country’s electricity has hampered the nation’s progress in achieving the EU’s climate neutrality goals. In 2020, Poland failed to meet the 15% target of electricity supplied from renewable sources as the country reported only 10.75%. Despite failing to meet the goals, Poland did […]

Solar park investors in Austria

Compared to neighboring European countries, Austria’s solar portfolio is modest and in 2017 the Austrian wind group IG Windkraft reported a decline in clean energy consumption by 1.2% to 72.2%. Despite the decline, in 2018 renewables accounted for 29% of the total energy supply which ranked sixth in International Energy Agency (IEA) countries. The majority […]

List of 3 European wind turbine makers with storage solution

Whilst storage solutions are more commonly paired with solar projects due to their more consistent energy output, several wind turbine manufacturers have attempted to couple storage solutions to their turbines with varying degrees of success. Attempts to partner the two date back to 2012 and continue to the present day to improve the reliability of […]

List of 3 different storage technologies integrated in solar farms

Battery storage projects have undergone considerable growth in recent years, in 2019 the industry was estimated to have grown 57% year on year and will continue to do so as the globe undergoes a large-scale energy transition. In 2020, it was predicted that up to 7.2GW of residential battery projects will be constructed by 2024. […]