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Start with why.

Greenhouse gases like CO2 are an imminent danger for our planet. Through too high emissions the global temperature rises, polar caps are melting, extreme weather conditions increase and threaten the livelihood of millions of people. We need to fight CO2 emissions, now.


The worst emitter of CO2 is the energy industry which is in many countries still highly relying on carbon-intensive energy sources like coal. By promoting renewable energy sources and advancing technology, carbon intensive energy sources can be replaced by solar, wind and more.


Through Renewables.Digital, we are promoting the European and global renewable energy industry by creating transparency. We are a free and open-access portal that lists the most important renewable energy developers and investors. We will introduce startups to interested readers. We will promote academic education in the field of renewables. We will promote job offerings in the renewable field. To sum it up: we are building the leading digital portal for the European renewable energy industry

Continue with who.

Renewables.Digital is created by a team with diverse backgrounds: we are business developers, technology enthusiasts, software creators and research specialists. We are experienced in creating high-quality databases and to offer a great customer experience. 

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Finally, who is behind.

Our portal is powered and financed by the Munich-based company builder Isar Digital Ventures GmbH. We are experts in building digital portals in the most relevant sectors of our economy. We combine technology with research expertise to create unique products.