Battery storage developer spotlight: 3 questions to Conrad Energy

Energy Storage Conrad Energy

This article is based on our list of the 100 largest battery storage developers in Europe which contains general contact details, company details as well as personal contact information.

With this article series we are introducing our readers to leading battery storage developers in Europe. In this article we asked Abingdon-based Renewable Developer Conrad Energy three exciting questions about their storage projects.

Can you describe your company and what role the development of storage systems plays in Conrad Energy?

Conrad Energy’s pioneering and tech-driven approach to energy solutions is a vital part of the UK’s transition to a lower-carbon economy. Energy storage systems are a crucial component of the proliferation of renewable energy, and one of our biggest growth areas.

In which markets do you plan to operate your storage projects (day-ahead, intraday, frequency/services etc.)?

We operate in all markets, with our proprietary software efficiently managing response times, for our assets and those of our clients, to meet the needs of the national grid.

About which projects are you currently most excited?

Conrad Energy are most excited by projects that maximise our ability to use renewably sourced energy to top up the grid. This evolving technology and software is changing the face of the energy transition and will enable net zero.

Picture Source: Provided by Conrad Energy (20.07.2023)