Battery storage developer spotlight: 3 questions to Matrix Renewables

Matrix Renewables PV Plants

This article is based on our list of the 100 largest battery storage developers in Europe which contains general contact details, company details as well as personal contact information.

In this article series we are introducing our readers to leading battery storage developers in Europe. In this article we asked Madrid-based renewable energy platform Matrix Renewables three exciting questions regarding their storage projects.

Can you describe your company and what role the development of storage systems plays in Matrix Renewables?

Matrix Renewables is a global renewable energy, storage, and hydrogen platform.  Matrix has already built an 80MWh BESS system in Caiso and has 32MWh under construction in Spain.  BESS and other storage systems are an integral part of Matrix’s business, as they offer complementary dimensions to our other investments in renewable energy generation.  In other words, BESS hedges our renewable electricity generation activities and, through grid and price stabilisation, BESS opens up further opportunities for renewable generation.

In which markets do you plan to operate your storage projects (day-ahead, intraday, frequency/services etc.)?

All of the above.  Our trading and optimisation strategies are dynamic and tailored to each of our markets (USA, Chile, Italy, Spain).

About which projects are you currently most excited?

Our new BESS project in Spain will be one of the largest in the country, and we will be first to market in a number of aspects, so we are very excited about it.  We look forward to being one of the first and largest independent battery operators in Spain.  Italy is very exciting as well since the demand for grid stabilisation is so high.  

Picture Source: Provided by Matrix Renewables (06.07.2023)