European EPCs in spotlight: 3 questions to BELECTRIC

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This article is based on our list of the largest renewable energy EPC companies in Europe; containing general contact details, company details as well as information about asset focus. The list also holds personal contact information.

In this article series we are introducing our readers to leading EPCs in Europe. In this article we asked Kolitzheim-based renewable developer BELECTRIC three exciting questions regarding their EPC services.

Could you describe your company and EPC activities?

BELECTRIC stands as one of Europe’s premier EPC service providers, specializing in the development, construction, and operation of solar power plants. With a workforce of approximately 500 employees, the company is committed to ensuring environmentally sustainable energy production for the generations to come. Having amassed over 20 years of expertise in power plant construction, this solar energy expert boasts an impressive portfolio of more than 490 PV systems with a total output of 4.4 gigawatts across the globe. Subsidiaries with activities in 7 countries operate under the umbrella of BELECTRIC GmbH based in Kolitzheim, Germany. Among the prominent markets where the company operates are Germany, Israel, the Netherlands, Denmark, the United Kingdom, France, and Italy. BELECTRIC is a member of Elevion Group. Elevion Group B.V. is a European solution provider for all tasks related to the intelligent use of energy.”

What were your most notable projects so far?

BELECTRIC holds a diverse portfolio with projects in locations spanning from Germany to Israel and the UAE. Accordingly, it is hardly surprising that the service provider has exciting projects to show in all locations the company is active in. The following projects in particular were highlighted by our interview partner:

Large-scale project in the north of Germany:

• Capacity: 172 MWp

• Commissioning: 2022

Gan HaShomron (Israel):

• Floating PV system on a water reservoir

• Capacity: 4.8 MWp

• Commissioning: 2021

Haringvliet (Netherlands):

• Combination of wind farm, battery storage and ground-mounted PV system

• First green hybrid power plant in the Netherlands

• Capacity: 38 MWp

• Commissioning: 2020

Zeélim (Israel):

• Israel’s largest solar power plant

• Capacity: 120 MWp

• Commissioning: 2019

Limondale (Australia):

• One of Australia’s largest solar power plants

• Capacity: 349 MWp

• Commissioning: 2020

Do you have any activities or first projects in emerging sectors?

The solar-focused BELECTRIC continues to evolve, demonstrating expertise in two emerging PV technologies:

Floating PV

“Floating solar systems are state-of-the-art. In terms of structure, floating PV is similar to solar power plants on land. However, each module must be mounted individually on a floating platform. The plant is connected to the shore by floating, seawater-resistant power cables. A system of anchors and moorings ensures that the power plant is held in position. With benchmark projects such as BELECTRIC’s floating systems in Gan HaShomron or Ma’ayan Tzvi, the company has proven itself at the forefront of a fastgrowing industry.”

Agri PV

“Agrivoltaics is a solar technology that harmonizes agricultural land for both food production and solar power generation. BELECTRIC embraces agrivoltaics through the utilization of solar tracker systems installed beside the crops for an agricultural use between the rows. These trackers function in two distinct modes, adapted to the specific agricultural tasks at hand. In the standard operation mode, the trackers adeptly trail the sun’s path, ensuring optimal irradiation throughout the day. The second mode, the farming mode, allows a manual or automated positioning of the modules and therefore enough space for agricultural machines to pass through. It is especially useful for mowing, fertilising or harvesting.”

Picture Source: Provided by BELECTRIC (13.09.2023)