European EPCs in spotlight: 3 questions to Ethical Power

EPC Europe

This article is based on our list of the largest renewable energy EPC companies in Europe; containing general contact details, company details as well as information about asset focus. The list also holds personal contact information.

In this article series we are introducing our readers to leading EPCs in Europe. We asked Exeter based EPC Ethical Power three exciting questions regarding their EPC services.

Could you describe your company and EPC activities?

Ethical Power is a vertically integrated sustainable infrastructure company specialising in utility-scale solar and battery storage. With competency across the entire project lifecycle, from design through construction and grid connections to asset management, Ethical Power can optimise operations along the value chain and has a proven track record of delivering best-quality and highest-performing renewable energy assets in the UK. Ethical Power is quickly expanding to international markets with a growing pipeline of projects across Spain, Italy, Poland and New Zealand. At Ethical Power, we strive to have a positive impact on the renewable energy sector, not just in the United Kingdom, but globally. We are a problem solver with our vertically integrated structure, which allows us to plan and design, develop, construct, maintain, and asset manage renewable energy assets. Ethical Power was one of the first to develop large scale solar parks onto landfill meaning we could make good use out of land that didn’t have much use. As a company we always make sure to cover all environmental impacts that we possibly can. At Ethical Power we really are pushing the boundaries of the industry and always look for ways to improve the renewables sector whilst focusing on our values of excellence and integrity.”

What were your most notable projects so far?

“Ethical Power has been involved in various stages in the delivery of over 100 projects. Some example projects include:

  • Bowerhouse II – a 21MW solar park, energised in October 2022
  • Bulkworthy – a 7.8MW solar park, energised in December 2022
  • Larport – a 44.27MW solar park, currently in construction
  • Whites Pit – a 6.7MW solar park constructed on a former landfill site, commissioned in April 2023″

Do you have any activities or first projects in emerging sectors?

“At Ethical Power, we are constantly seeking innovative ways to lead the change towards a sustainable future. Hydrogen, floating solar and agri PV are all in the pipeline for Ethical Power.”

Picture Source: Provided by Ethical Power Ltd. (11.10.2023)