Job Spotlight: Python Backend Developer @ Impuls Energy Trading

renewable energy trading python job in cologne

In this article series, we are highlighting exciting job offers from the European renewable energy industry. Today’s job offer: Cologne-based Impuls Energy Trading GmbH is looking for Python-backend developers.

Who is offering the job?

Impuls is a newly launched energy trading firm focused on short-term energy trading. The firm helps its customers to optimize their renewable energy portfolios and, thereby, to enable a 100% renewables-based energy system.

What are you doing as Python Developer at Impuls Energy Trading?

Mainly, you are developing the core data platform of the firm. For that, you are building microservices for automated energy trading and optimize the CI/CD pipeline and try out new technologies and methods.

The tech stack consists of Python3, AWS Cloud infrastructure, PostgreSQL, TimescaleDB and other modern tools.

Which skills are required?

You should have finished an IT degree or comporable skills – and you should be motivated to work at the forefront of the energy transition. Furthermore, you should be fluent in German and English.

How to apply for this renewable energy job?

Take a look at the LinkedIn page of Impuls Energy Trading. In the jobs section, you will find the job.

Picture source: Sander Weeteling, 8.11.2022