List of 3 Dutch battery storage developers

In this article, three Dutch battery storage developers will be introduced. All of the developers discussed can be found on our list of the largest storage developers in Europe.

This article is based on our list of the largest battery storage developers in Europe which contains general contact details, company details as well as personal contact information.

The Dutch government outlined plans to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions in 2019, the Dutch aim to reduce GHG emissions by 49% by 2030 and 95% by 2050. In order to do so, renewables giant Wartsila estimated the country will need to develop between 29 and 54GW of energy storage by 2050. Below three key storage developers will be introduced which will play a key role in accelerating the nation’s storage growth. All of the developers can be found on our list of large European battery storage developers.

Giga Storage – storage developer based in Amsterdam

Giga Storage is a developer, manager, and investor of large-scale battery storage projects, in order to provide energy at times when there is a lack of wind or sun to fuel renewable energy projects. In 2020, Giga Storage announced plans to develop a 12MW storage project in Lelystad. The storage project will be a part of the Test Centre for Renewable Resources at Wageningen University and Research. The project represents a cornerstone of the firm’s plans to accelerate growth, Giga aims to have at least 3GW of storage under management by 2030. In October 2022, the Dutch group worked in partnership with Wartsila to develop what was then the largest battery storage system in the Netherlands. The 24MW project is co-located alongside Wartsila’s wind and solar assets.

Alfen – wind, solar, and storage developer based in Almere

Alfen has become a specialist developer of storage projects thanks to their 85 years of experience developing electricity grids. The Dutch group has developed two storage products: TheBattery Elements and TheBattery Mobile. In February 2023, the firm announced plans to develop a 30MW Dutch battery site alongside SemperPower, which is now the largest battery storage project in the Netherlands. The project named Project Pollux is expected to become operational by the end of Q4 in 2023. Alfen is also working alongside EPV Energy to develop a 12MW storage project for EPV’s Finnish wind farm which will become operational in spring 2023.

Corre Energy – hydrogen and storage developer based in Groningen

Headquartered in Groningen, Corre Energy has targeted long-duration energy storage projects and products combining green hydrogen and storage. The Dutch firm completed its first compressed air energy storage projects in the Netherlands and Denmark. One of which is the firm’s flagship project, the ‘ZW1’ site is located in northeast Netherlands. The 320MW site will be supported by the €4m funding from the Italian Efficiency Fund III which will also contain plans to increase capacity to 500MW.

Image Source: American Public Power Association via Unsplash (08.07.23)