List of 3 heat pump producers in Canada

heat pump producers Canada

This article is based on our list of the list of the most important global heat pump manufacturers containing general contact details, Management and specific company details, such as revenue.

Canada’s commitment to renewable energy is evident in the presence of heat pump manufacturers. While the heat pump market is expanding rapidly, the heat pump producers impress with their expertise and wide range of products. Let’s take a look at the leading heat pump manufacturers in Canada: Novai Heat Pumps Inc., Dettson Industries Inc., and iFLOW HVAC Inc.

1. Novair Heat Pumps Inc.

The Moncton headquartered company focuses on designing and manufacturing an affordable, efficient mini-split system. With over 40 years of experience in the industry, Novair can impress with it’s expertise. The company’s products are available through their network of registered partners who can support the costumer with any questions they might have. Novair provides their partners and technicians support and training when working with their products.

2. Dettson Industries Inc.

Based in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Dettson Industries offers sustainable solutions to the HVAC industry within North America. Dettson is a member of the CHBA’s Net Zero Energy Housing Council. Their portfolio shows a wide range of different heat pumps including single-zone mini split and multizone heat pumps.

3. iFLOW HVAC Inc.

The heat pump producer iFlow is headquartered in Toronto and distributes it’s product solutions across Canada and the USA. The company’s Inverter Heat pumps showcase an advanced capability to analyze internal temperature and pressure fluctuations, seamlessly adapting system operations for optimal efficiency.

Image Source: Jp Valery via Unsplash (28.11.2023)