List of 3 large renewables EPC companies in Spain

Spain Madrid Zamudio companies that do wind and solar energy

This article is based on our list of the largest renewable energy EPC companies in Europe; containing general contact details, company details as well as information about asset focus. The list also holds personal contact information.

In the domain of renewables EPC companies in Spain, three notable players are Acciona, GES, and GRANSOLAR. These three renewables EPC companies are instrumental in advancing Spain’s green energy agenda. In this article, we introduce the companies to you, including information about their location, renewables focus and capacity.

1) Acciona SA: Madrid-based renewables EPC firm

Acciona SA, headquartered in Madrid, is a major renewable EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) player. They specialise in various renewable energy solutions, including wind, solar, and hydropower. Their primary focus with their projects lies on wind technology, followed by solar PV. With a portfolio capacity exceeding 12 gigawatts, Acciona actively constructs renewable energy projects across Spain and beyond. But Acciona does not stop there: The company’s 2025 target is to have 20 GW of renewable capacity installed.

2) GES: Wind and photovoltaic EPC in Zamudio

GES, located in Zamudio, is a significant participant in Spain’s renewables EPC sector. The company offers technical assistance from renewable projects’ early stages on. Present in over 20 countries, the company is a global leader in construction and services for the solar and wind industry. GES designs turn-key projects for diverse scopes, adhering to various regulations throughout the complete EPC process. While the company constructed utility-scale PV plants totaling an impressive capacity of 1,900 MW, their focus is on wind energy. GES excels in wind farm construction and boasts a wind portfolio capacity of almost 15 gigawatts, making a substantial impact on Spain’s wind power landscape.

3) GRANSOLAR S.L.: Solar EPC company in Madrid

GRANSOLAR S.L., based in Madrid, has established a strong presence in the solar EPC field and offers services and solutions to ensure the success of projects of any scale. The company has a portfolio capacity exceeding 3 gigawatts and 106 already operational plants worldwide. Their key solar markets are Australia, South Africa, the Middle East, and Spain. They are experts in designing and building large-scale solar power installations. With 15 years of experience, GRANSOLAR S.L. has played a crucial role in utilizing Spain’s abundant sunshine for clean energy generation. 

Image: Chelsea via Unsplash (13.10.2023)