List of 3 large renewables EPC companies in the UK

United Kingdom Engineering, Procurement, and Construction of renewable energy

This article is based on our list of the largest renewable energy EPC companies in Europe; containing general contact details, company details as well as information about asset focus. The list also holds personal contact information.

The UK renewables EPC market (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) is fragmented, making it hard to have an overview of the key players. Thus, we wrote this article. We will delve into the stories of the three firms Ethical Power, British Solar Renewables, and Anesco, each known for their substantial portfolio capacities and contributions to the UK’s green energy landscape.

1. Ethical Power: Exeter-based large renewables EPC

Ethical Power, a major player in the UK’s renewables EPC sector, has been actively shaping the nation’s sustainable energy future. Established in Exeter in 2010, Ethical Power has developed an impressive portfolio of renewable projects as well as a solar development pipeline of 3 gigawatts.The company is not only present in the UK, but also in Canada, Spain, Italy, Greece, and New Zealand. Their unwavering commitment to ethical and sustainable practices is evident in their projects, which span solar, wind and battery projects, showcasing the company’s versatility and dedication to green energy solutions.

2. British Solar Renewables: Solar and battery EPC in Somerset

British Solar Renewables, headquartered in Somerset, is a prominent name in the UK’s renewables EPC industry. With a portfolio capacity surpassing 700MWp, the company has made significant strides in solar and battery projects. Besides the UK, the company also has an office as well as several renewable projects in Australia.

3. Anesco: PV and storage EPC firm in Berkshire

Anesco is a trailblazer in large renewables EPC projects within the UK. The company provides EPC services for solar PV as well as battery storage projects. It is headquartered in Reading, a city in Berkshire that is a hub of technological advancement. Besides the UK, Anesco has offices in Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands. It boasts a portfolio capacity exceeding 750 megawatts of utility-scale projects constructed in the UK. Moreover, it was the first company to develop a subsidy-free solar park. Thus, it is no wonder the company has become synonymous with innovation and sustainability. 

These three large renewables EPC companies in the UK exemplify dedication to clean energy. With their strategic locations and substantial portfolio capacities, they play pivotal roles in shaping the future of renewable energy in the United Kingdom, setting a remarkable standard for the industry worldwide.

Image: via Unsplash (10.10.2023)