List of 3 large renewables O&M companies in France

List of 3 French green energy O&M firms

This article is based on our list of the 130 largest renewable energy operations and maintenance companies in Europe which contains general contact details, company details as well as information about development focus. The list also holds personal contact information.

France aims to become a key driver in the transition to green energy, the French government has outlined plans to invest €1bn in the sector over the coming years. The government plans to multiply the current capacity 10-fold and have an installed capacity of 100GW by 2050. In order to optimize this growth, significant investment in green energy technology is required to improve the performance of assets. This article will introduce three key French renewable energy firms that offer O&M services. All of the companies included in this research can be found on our list of large European renewable O&M companies.

Sonnedix – O&M based in Saint-Gregoire

Sonnedix is a French green energy developer with over a decade’s experience developing renewable energy assets. The firm has developed a portfolio with over 9GW of installed capacity and a further project pipeline of 6GW with projects located in Chile, Japan, Spain, Portugal, the USA, and Poland. The French group has amassed a workforce with industry experts across multiple functions who work in harmony to provide the best performance of its assets for its clients and partners.

EDF Renewables – O&M based in Paris

EDF Renewables is a leading renewable energy firm headquartered in Paris, with an installed capacity of 11.4GW located across the globe. The green energy giant has a workforce of over 4,500 employees which are active across all stages of construction, operation, and maintenance. The firm’s in-house analytics team is focused on providing the optimal performance of its assets. The French group strives to perfect the O&M of its assets by reducing downtime, failures and improving the performance ratio all through its industry-leading control center.

Valorem – O&M based in Bordeaux

Since its inception in 1994, Valorem has been striving towards implementing a 100% renewable planet through the development of hydro, solar, and wind projects. To date, the firm has developed 5.7GW of green energy, preventing 423,000 tonnes of CO2. The French group is active across all stages of project development including construction, logistics, management, and O&M. The firm’s subsidiary Valemo was launched in 2011 and handles the O&M of its assets, aiming to maximize the outputs. The O&M division has over 120 employees located across 11 sites which are required to provide support to all its assets.

Image Source: Insung Yoon via Unsplash (29.07.23)