List of 3 large renewables O&M companies in the UK

All of the firms included in this article can be found on our list of large European O&M firms

This article is based on our list of the largest renewable energy operations and maintenance companies in Europe which contains general contact details, company details as well as information about development focus. The list also holds personal contact information.

The United Kingdom continues to expand its position as one of the leading developers of renewable energy. As the number and size of green infrastructure assets continue to rise, as do the maintenance and optimization of such assets in order to provide maximum yield for the lowest costs. All of the firms included in this article are based in the UK and can be found on our list of large O&M renewable energy firms.

Anesco – O&M based in West Berkshire

Established in 2010, Anesco has become one of the nation’s leading developers of solar and battery projects. The firm has developed over 144 solar parks and battery plants and has over 24,000 assets under management which its O&M team oversees. The assets under management have an installed capacity of 1.6GW and manage projects on behalf of local authorities, individual portfolio owners, investors, and blue-chip clients. Anesco prides itself on being one of the few companies that has the infrastructure and technical expertise to manage commercial, domestic, and utility-scale assets. The firm can provide technical and maintenance services for solar, battery, and biomass assets.

Natural Power – O&M based in Castle Douglas

Founded in 1995, Natural Power has acted as an independent consultant and service provider that works exclusively on green infrastructure assets. Since its inception, the UK-based firm has provided expertise for over 3,500 projects in order to maximize the output of each project. Headquartered in The Green House Scotland, the firm has amassed a workforce of over 400 green energy experts across 14 countries. The Scottish group has continued to invest in product development and technology which has led to the introduction of its operational management office, the ControlCentre to optimize the design and yield of wind farms.

Renewable Energy System (RES) – O&M based in Hertfordshire

RES has a proven track record having developed over 23GW of green energy across the globe and has a keen focus on providing technical expertise with an operational asset portfolio exceeding 12GW with clients located across the globe. RES is a well-established global green energy group with a workforce of 2,500 located across 14 countries. The UK-based firm relies heavily on the latest technology to optimize its assets using AI and machine learning to improve performance. Its around-the-clock control center ensures its assets are performing at their best and reducing downtime.

Image Source: Mark Konig via Unsplash (29.07.23)