List of 3 large solar EPC companies in Spain

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This article is based on our list of the largest renewable energy EPC companies in Europe; containing general contact details, company details as well as information about asset focus. The list also holds personal contact information.

Spain, with its abundant sunshine, is harnessing the power of solar energy through top solar Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC)  companies. This article puts the spotlight on three major EPC players in the Spanish renewable energy sector, shedding light on their specialties, portfolio capacity, and locations.

1. Bester Generacion S.L.U: Seville-based EPC company

Bester Generacion S.L.U is a prominent name in Spain’s solar EPC industry, specialising in large-scale photovoltaic projects. The solar EPC company is headquartered in Seville with a regional focus on Europe and Mexico. Established in September 2010 to address the global demand in the industry, the company has built a large portfolio capacity in Spain and beyond. 

2. ENERSIDE ENERGY, S.A.: Solar EPC in Barcelona and Madrid

ENERSIDE ENERGY, S.A. is at the forefront of solar EPC solutions in Spain. Founded in 2007, their expertise lies in innovative solar installations and energy management. With a project portfolio capacity surpassing 1.5 gigawatt, they contribute significantly to the nation’s green energy goals. Moreover, Enerside has a diverse project pipeline of over 5.5 gigawatts in both the Spanish market and in rapidly expanding Latin American markets, such as Brazil and Chile. Headquartered in Barcelona with offices in Madrid, they play a pivotal role in the region’s renewable energy scene.

3. Prosolia Energy S.L.: Valencia-based photovoltaic firm

Established in 2003, Prosolia Energy S.L. is a top solar PV specialist that offers full solar development and EPC services. The leading solar EPC company has a strong focus on distributed solar energy solutions. While Prosolia currently has just 40 MW of operational capacity, it boasts a robust portfolio of 2.85 GW under active construction. Their large construction portfolio capacity makes them a key player for the future of Spain’s renewable energy landscape. Located in Valencia, their expertise spans national and international projects, with a focus on Europe.

Image: CHUTTERSNAP via Unsplash (31.10.2023)