List of 3 large wind EPC companies in Germany

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This article is based on our list of the largest renewable energy EPC companies in Europe; containing general contact details, company details as well as information about asset focus. The list also holds personal contact information.

Germany has long been a pioneer in the field of renewable energy. Its commitment to sustainability is exemplified by the presence of several prominent renewables Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) companies. In this article, we will delve into three of the leading wind EPC companies in the country: Juwi AG, WKN GmbH, and ABO Wind AG. Let’s explore their unique expertise, impressive portfolio capacities, and their locations, highlighting their pivotal contributions to Germany’s renewable energy landscape.

1) Juwi AG: Wörrstadt-based wind and solar EPC firm

Juwi AG stands as a formidable player in the renewables EPC sector in Germany, specialising in onshore wind and solar energy projects. They excel in designing, procuring, and constructing cutting-edge wind farms. Juwi AG has a substantial portfolio capacity of 2,000 solar projects and over 1,250 wind projects. These projects produce a total of 9 billion kWh annually. Headquartered in Wörrstadt, the firm is active globally, from Australia to Costa Rica.

2) WKN GmbH: Husum-based onshore and offshore wind EPC

WKN GmbH is another major contender in the German wind EPC arena. The subsidiary of PNE Group possesses extensive expertise in planning, implementing, and managing wind energy projects. The company has an impressive installed renewables portfolio capacity of 980MW, spread mostly in Europe. With most of their projects in Germany, WKN GmbH has played a pivotal role in expanding Germany’s wind energy sector. Their headquarters are located in Husum, with other offices in Berlin and Hamburg, situated strategically to contribute to the nation’s sustainable energy future.

3) ABO Wind AG: Solar, hydrogen, onshore wind and energy storage EPC in Wiesbaden

ABO Wind AG is a recognized name in the German renewable energy landscape. The company extends its influence to wind energy globally with a focus on project development and EPC services. Founded in 1996, the company is very experienced in developing complex projects that require a combination of different technologies, as well as projects in different countries and areas with different regulations. ABO Wind has a remarkable portfolio capacity, encompassing 5 gigawatts of wind and solar power. Moreover, the Wiesbaden-based EPC company has a development pipeline of 22 GW. 

In conclusion, these three wind EPC companies – Juwi AG, WKN GmbH, and ABO Wind AG – hold pivotal roles in advancing Germany’s renewable energy landscape. Their unique expertise and substantial portfolio capacities make them indispensable contributors to the country’s journey toward a greener and more sustainable energy future.

Image: Grzegorz Górniak via Unsplash (23.10.2023)