List of 3 PPA offering renewable energy developers from Massachusetts

List of 3 PPA offering renewable energy developers from Massachusetts

This article is based on our list of the 450 largest renewable energy developers in Europe containing general contact details, company details as well as information about the development focus. The list also offers personal contact information.

As per the Baker-Polito Administration’s Clean Energy and Climate Plan for 2050, the state has to reach net zero by 2050. A key part of this transition will be large-scale renewable energy projects and PPA contracts. In August 2022, Governor Charlie Baker announced a renewable energy bill that aims to develop 5.6GW of green assets in the state by 2030. This is in addition to the 2.5GW of offshore wind Governor Baker has already committed. In this article, we will discuss three key players behind developing green energy projects and negotiating PPAs that are based in Massachusetts.

1) 621 Energy LLC – Solar investor based in Concord

621 Energy is a Massachusetts-based group that develops solar projects and is involved in all stages of solar development. Since its inception in 2011, 621 Energy has been involved in the development of numerous solar parks and is a part-owner of 20 solar projects. The group developed a 495kW project in Cheshire as part of a PPA contracted by Hoosac Valley Middle & High School.

2) Enel Green Power – Wind, solar, geothermal, and hydro developer based in Andover

Enel Green Power owns over 100 renewable energy assets located across North America with an installed capacity of 11GW. The global renewable giant has become a specialist in PPA negotiation and has an abundance of experience in the market and has developed 1200 green infrastructure assets worldwide. Enel is the fifth-largest operator of wind and solar projects in North America and aims to add 6.5GW of capacity by the end of 2024.

3) Nexamp – Solar and storage developer based in Boston

Nexamp is a renewable energy developer and investor who are involved in all stages of green energy development. The group was founded in 2005 and strives towards driving the green energy transition aiming to be carbon neutral by 2030. Nexamp has an installed capacity in the excess of 1GW which is currently in operation or under development. In December 2022, the group announced a partnership with CBRE to develop seven solar parks in Hawaii which will provide green electricity to low and moderate-income residents.

Image Source: Tyler Casey via Unsplash (17.02.2023)