List of 3 renewable energy construction companies in Europe

List of 3 renewable energy construction companies in europe

This article is based on our list of the largest service providers containing general contact details, company details as well as information about the service provider type.

With the increasing importance of renewable energies, the number of solar farms, wind parks or other sources of ‘green energy’ is naturally also increasing. Accordingly, more and more market participants are required to work on and for various renewable energy projects. In the following article, we will introduce you to three european-based construction companies that specialize in the construction of renewable energy.

1. Arun Construction Services Ltd (Littlehampton, United Kingdom)

Arun Construction Services is – as the name states – a construction service provider based in Littlehampton. The company is one of the leading installers of both utility scale battery storage systems and solar systems in the United Kingdom. While focusing mostly on smaller projects, ACS has build up experience from 30 years in the market. Not only does the company offer construction services, but also offers operation and maintenance, testing and commissioning as well as mechanical and electrical installation.

2. Grupo Gransolar, S.L. (Madrid, Spain)

Grupo Gransolars slogan is: “Building the energy of the future” – taking that literally, the Madrid-based service provider offers not only development and construction of solar parks but also the operation & maintenance, aqcusition as well as commissioning and grid connection services. In their construction sector, the company can draw on years of experience as well as 107 PV plants worldwide.

3. GenSun (Montpellier, France)

Once again, the company’s core concept can already be seen in its name: GenSun focuses on an individual service around solar energy. Starting with the engineering, to construction and procurement and finally supervision and maintenance of solar plants. The company has experience in all different areas of construction solar plants: on rooftops, carports, floating solar or, of course, ground-mounted. Overall the Montpellier-based company has a portfolio of over 1,6 GW installed or solar parks in progress.

Picture Source: Unsplash, 03.11.2021