List of 3 Renewable Energy Developers in Germany

List of german renewable energy investors

This article is based on our list of the largest renewable energy developers in Europe containing general contact details, company details as well as information about the development focus. The list also offers personal contact information.

In addition to companies which have specialized themselves in renewable energy from the beginning on, more and more large energy providers such as RWE are also switching to energy generation through renewable resources. Due to the fact that the renunciation of the climate crisis can only be achieved with the newest technologies and innovative solutions, Developers are responsible for the sustainable foundation regarding the energy generation. By being in this fundamental position regarding the energy supply chain, they should also receive the appropriate attention on this page.

In the following, the three top renewable energy developers from Germany will be presented while further developers are provided in our list of the renewable energy developers in Europe.

1. RWE (Essen)

After 120 years of experience in the field of energy generation, the German developer RWE has fundamentally changed its strategy by expanding in the renewable energy sector. Today, as leading provider of renewable energies worldwide, the Essen based company can prohibit the largest part of their core business as green electricity by generating energy through wind farms, solar power and also battery storage. Furthermore, RWE aims the climate neutrality by 2040 by investing five billion euros (net) in renewable energies by 2022 and thereby driving the progress of a sustainable future further forward.

2. BayWa (Munich)

As leading developer in Germany and Europe, BayWa focuses on the development of solar farms and wind parks. By realizing renewable energy projects in 28 countries, the German developer can prohibit a total portfolio capacity of more than 3.5 GW and manages besides projects with a capacity of 9 GW. Among these projects are more than 100 wind projects and over 625 solar farms but also other renewable energy projects such as hybrid, bioenergy and energy trading. The developer relies on end-to-end solutions by the implementation of projects.

3. Altus (Karlsruhe)

The German developer with headquarter in Karlsruhe is considered as specialist for renewable energy projects. By realizing wind parks with a capacity of over 480 MW and 280 MW of photovoltaic solar farms, Altus relies on their strategic approach by first identifying eligible locations and afterwards implementing the project including all requirements and individual circumstances. By proceeding in this way, the German developer ensures technical and commercial operational management while using the newest technologies.

Picture Source: Unsplash, 31.03.2021