List of 3 renewable energy investors from Japan

List of 3 renewable energy investors from Japan

This article is based on our list of the largest renewable energy investors in Asia which contains general contact details, company details as well as information about the investor type and their asset focus. The list also holds personal contact information.

Japan is one of the Asian and world countries with the highest energy consumption and also one of the countries most accomplished in the development and use of renewable energies. The country has set itself the ambitious goal of having about 40% of its energy mix come from renewable sources by 2030.

Accordingly, the investor network in the renewable energy industry is well established in Japan – in the following we present 3 Japanese investors who invest in renewable energies such as solar, wind or hydro energies.

1. Renewable Energy Investment Japan – Solar Energy Investor from Tokyo

Renewable Energy Investment Japan – formerly GENKAI Investment Advisor Co – has its headquarters in Tokyo. The investor has four main investment areas: Healthcare, Inbound Business, Aviation and Renewable Energy. In this sector REIJ mainly focuses on solar and so far has invested in over 34 projects all over Japan, resulting in a portfolio with approximately 224 MW of installed and to-be-installed capacity.

2. RENOVA – Tokyo-based versatile Renewable Energy Investor

RENOVA is also an investor based in Tokyo. The company is active all over the value chain in renewable energy and develops, owns and operates a variety of different energy projects, focusing on solar PV, biomass, offshore and onshore wind as well as geothermal and hydro power plants. With the goal of becoming Asia’s leader in renewable energy, the investor founded in 2000 currently has a portfolio of different renewable energy projects totaling at 1.5 GWs, with roughly 600 MW of capacity in operation. RENOVA aims to expand their portfolio while simultaneously creating valuable partnerships with local communities.

3. TEPCO – Hydroelectric Energy Investor from Tokyo

TEPCO Renewable Power, Incorporated is a company you cannot get around when looking for Japanese companies active in the renewable energy business. While also offering construction, operations and maintenance support as well as technical staff training support, TEPCO is also pursuing various investment opportunities in their field of interest: Hydroelectric power, wind energy and solar power.

Image Source: Unsplash, 23.02.2022