List of 3 renewable energy IT-Service providers in Europe

List of 3 renewable energy IT-Service providers in Europe

This article is based on our list of the largest service providers containing general contact details, company details as well as information about the service provider type.

In a digitalized age, software or other IT services naturally play a crucial role in the renewable energy industry as well. These can be used as early as the planning stage, and monitoring software is particularly popular. They can collect and process current data from wind or solar farms and thus identify the need for action at an early stage and be able to resolve problems ahead of time. In the following article, we present three relevant IT service providers that have their headquarters in Europe.

1. Solar monkey (Den Haag, Netherlands)

Solar monkey is a dutch IT-Service provider specialized on solar energy. Their software offers services in multiple steps of the value chain – starting with the design, sale to monitoring and management as well as an in-house consultancy. Since their founding in 2015, the company has built up a good reputation in its European area of activity and won over some market giants such as Vattenfall.

2. 3e (Brussels, Belgium)

3e is a Belgian provider of IT services in the renewable energy sector. With its platform ‘SynaptiQ’, the Brussels-based company offers digital solutions for project development, construction, and operation and maintenance. Since their founding in 1999, has built up expertise in different field such as IoT, digital twins or various software solutions and is active worldwide.

3. Shoreline AS (Norway)

Shorelines goal is it to support and accelerate the changing wind market, with software that is also tailored to it. With their key objectives ‘boost productivity, reduce cost & drive efficiency’ the Stavanger-based company offers simulating software as well as software that supports during construction and maintenance of wind farms. Shoreline is one of the most successfull IT-Service provider and has worked with giants such as Orsted, engie, edp renewables, Fred Olsen Windcarrier and many more.

Image Source: Carlos Muza via Unsplash, 24.07.2023