List of 3 renewable energy service providers in Spain

List of 3 renewable energy service provider in Spain

This article is based on our list of the largest service providers containing general contact details, company details as well as information about the service provider type.

Spain is one of the sunniest country in Europe – therefore solar energy is a given renewable energy source. The share of renewable energy in the end use is over 40% with the goal of climate neutrality by 2050 through 100% renewable energy. Therefore the market for renewable energy is as relevant as ever in Spain. This also leads to a high demand of renewable energy service providers, 3 of which are going to be presented in this article.

1. Quintas Energy, S.A. (Advisory, Seville)

Quintas Energy is an Seville-based servide provider. The asset manager and advisory company has worked with multiple projects leading up to over 1,6000 MW of installed capacity, which Quintas Energy assessed. Takin gpart in every step of the value chain, the company offers advisory services starting with the development and construction to the operation of green energy projects.

2. Grupo Gransolar, S.L. (Construction & O&M, Madrid)

As the name already suggests – Grupo Gransolar is a Madrid-based service provider focused on solar energy. While also being active in the development of solar projects, the company mainly offers construction and operation as well as management services. The group is active worldwide and was involved in over 107 projects. Gransolar has also developed their own management app called “GRS SUN MANAGER” through which their customers can directly obtain plant data.

3. Acciona, SA (Construction & O&M, Madrid)

Acciona is a company you can’t get around in the renewable energy market. Genereally, the group aims to develop and manage sustainable infrastructure solutions – one of which is renewable energy. Acciona is one of the leading wind energy construction and O&M companies worldwide. Moreover, the Madrid-based company has striking experience in solar project installation, hydroelectric energy and more.

Image Source: Unsplash, 22.11.2021