List of 3 renewable energy service providers in the UK

List of 3 renewable energy service providers in the United Kingdom

This article is based on our list of the largest service providers containing general contact details, company details as well as information about the service provider type.

Renewable – or ‘green’ – energy is one of the rising industries all over the world and also in Europe. The United Kingdom has high goals and wants to draw a significant amount of electricity from renewable energy, aiming to reach 100% by 2035.

Most renewable energy is generated by wind energy, followed by photovoltaic systems. According to the importance of the green industry, service providers in the UK are highly in demand: this article presents three of the most important service providers in the renewable energy industry in the United Kingdom.

1. Alexa Capital Ltd (Finance advisory, London)

Alexa Capital Ltd is an independent corporate finance advisory based in London. The firm focuses on energy infrastructure, energy technology and also e-Mobility. In the energy infrastructure sector, Alexa Capital has expertise in solar, wind and biomass as green energy assets as well as several energy storage technologies. As a corporate finance advisory the 2012-founded company offers various services in different areas, such as M&A, Growth capital or Recapitalizations, only to name a few.

2. Solarpro Holding PLC (O&M, London)

Solarpro Holding PLC is also seated in London. The company offers construction as well as (and mainly) operation and management. Most of their projects are based in Europe, with most plants in Eastern Europe – all in all, the solar focused company holds a portfolio of over 2 GW of installed capacity. While Solarpro only started in 2009, the firm now is one of the most important player in the photovoltaic industry in Eastern Europe.

3. Natural Power (Consulting, Castle Douglas)

Natural Power – the program is in the name: the company based in Castle Douglas is an independent consultant and service provider solely focusing on green energy (‘natural’) projects. Most of these projects are solar energy as well as (onshore and offshore) wind – nonetheless, the firm also has expertise in other renewable energy assets such as renewable heat, hydro energy or energy storage. In addition to their advisory services (e.g. analysis or planning and permitting) the company also holds experience in Engineering and operations.

Image Source: Unsplash, 30.11.2021