List of 3 solar park investors in Denmark

Companies that invest into solar portfolios in Denmark

This article is based on our list of the largest renewable energy investors in Europe containing general contact details, company details as well as information about the asset focus and investor type. The list also offers personal contact information.

Solar energy in Denmark has been increasing constantly over the years. Especially in the year 2012, there was a rapid growth burst in installed MW from 9 to 316 MW. Thus, the country‘s goal of reaching 200 MW of solar energy by 2020 was reached ahead of time. Since then, solar energy has been continuously growing in Denmark. At the end of 2022, solar photovoltaic energy was at a total capacity of 2188 MWh. In this article, we present three companies that invest into Danish solar parks. They are an extract of our large database.

1) ENCAVIS: Investment firm from Hamburg, Germany

Encavis is a leading investment firm that is focused on renewable energy investments. Moreover, it is an independent power producer which produces energy from wind and solar parks. ENCAVIS purchases and operates solar parks and wind farms in several countries in Europe. In late 2021, the company acquired two solar assets in Denmark with a combined generation capacity of 105MWp. This acquisition raises the company‘s renewable portfolio to a total capacity of 1.9GW. But the company does not stop there: Their goal is a generation capacity of over 3.4GW.

2) Andel: Energy group from Svinninge, Denmark

The Danish energy company is a leader when it comes to electricty distribution. Although it has focused on the acquisition of wind energy projects before, Andel widened its focus towards solar energy assets. In January 2023, the Danish company purchased the operational Tryggevælde solar park. Located in its home country near Faxe, the solar asset has a capacity of 55MW. This is enough energy to cover the electricity consumption of 15,000 Danish households.

3) Luxcara: Investment group from Hamburg, Germany

The Hamburg-based company Luxcara is an investment firm that specialises in the renewable energy project sector. Since its founding in 2009, the company has invested into several renewable projects across Europe with a focus on solar and wind energy assets. Luxcara funded the construction of a portfolio of four solar parks in Denmark which were carried out by BeGreen. Located in Faxe, Herning and Vordinborg, the solar parks have a combined capacity of 415MW. They will produce enough power to cover the consumption of 120,000 Danish homes. These four projects will be an important part of the country‘s aim to reduce CO2 emissions by 70% until the next decade. 

Image: American Public Power Association via Unsplash (04.05.2023)