List of 3 wind farm developers in Denmark

companies that develop wind farms in denmark

This article is based on our list of the largest renewable energy investors in Europe containing general contact details, company details as well as information about the asset focus and investor type. The list also offers personal contact information.

Interestingly, Denmark was one of the first countries to eagerly spur on the development of wind power during the Seventies. Nowadays, manufacturers from Denmark still produce a huge part of the turbines that are developed for wind projects worldwide. The following three companies are an extract from a bigger database of companies which have developed impressive wind projects in Denmark. 

1) Eurowind Energy: Renewables developer from Hobro, Denmark

The Denmark-based Eurowind Energy is one of the leading developers of wind, solar and hybrid projects. Headquartered in Hobro, the company owns several renewable energy projects, including wind and solar parks. Operating in 16 countries including Denmark, the company can boast an impressive portfolio with a total operational capacity of over 1.3GW from wind and solar parks.

2) Ørsted: Large-scale Renewables developer from Frederica, Denmark

Frederica-based Ørsted was rebranded in 2017 and named Dong Energy until then. The company develops offshore and onshore wind farms as well as solar farms. The company‘s focus lies on the development of offshore wind farms: Because it reached a total offshore wind capacity of 15.1 GW in 2022, Ørsted is acknowledged as the global leader in that category. But the developer does not stop there: Until 2030, Ørsted is planning to have 30 GW of installed offshore wind capacity. Besides Denmark, the company develops and operates offshore wind farms in Germany, the US and the UK, the Netherlands and Taiwan.

3) Vattenfall: Utility provider from Stockholm, Sweden

The Stockholm-based company is a Swedish utility provider for electricity and gas. In order to find sustainable ways to produce energy, it is developing renewable power from wind farms, solar parks as well as biomass projects. An example of one of their large-scale wind power developments in Denmark is the 605MW Kriegers Flak offshore wind farm which is located in the Baltic Sea, off the coast from Denmark.

Image: Peter Beukema via Unsplash (29.04.2023)