List of the 3 largest onshore wind farms in Scandinavia [2023]

biggest wind projects in northern europe

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Onshore wind energy has gained significant traction in Scandinavia, with some large-scale wind farms contributing substantially to the region’s renewable energy goals. In this article, we are diving into the details of the three top onshore wind projects, from their capacities to their impact on sustainable energy in their respective countries. 

1) 4GW Markbygden 1101 project (Sweden)

Markbygden 1101 is Europe‘s largest onshore wind project as well as one of the largest wind energy projects on a global scale. With 1,101 turbines generating 12 TWh annually, it accounts for 8% of Sweden’s power. Located near Piteå, it spans 450 square kilometers, interconnected by 700 kilometers of roads. Divided into three phases, it feeds energy into Sweden’s grid via 400kV cables. Initiated in 2010, some wind farms are already operational while others are still being built. 

Location: 20km west of Piteå, Norrbotten County, northern Sweden

Developer/Owner: Svevind AB, Enercon

2) 1.5GW Hordavind farm (Norway)

Norsk Vind Energi AS has started development of the Hordavind Onshore Wind Farm Project, a wind farm boasting a substantial capacity of up to 1,500 MW. Nestled within the scenic regions of Stølsheimen and Hordaland, this undertaking is designed to span across three municipalities: Modalen, Masfjorden, and Lindas. Notably, the wind farm is envisioned to encompass a cluster of approximately 235 wind turbines. The project is scheduled to start construction in 2023, becoming fully operational in 2024.

Location: Stølsheimen and Hordaland, Norway

Developer: Norsk Vind Energi AS

3) > 1GW Fosen Vind park (Norway)

Comprising six distinct onshore wind farms, this project has an impressive total capacity of 1,057 MW. Initiated in 2016, the project was completed in 2020. Facilitated through a collaborative partnership named Fosen Vind, this joint venture is a union of Norwegian energy entities TrønderEnergi and Statkraft, along with a consortium of European investors. Located within the Fosen peninsula, Hitra, and Snillfjord, these wind farms are integral components of the Trøndelag county in central Norway. Demonstrating their prowess, these six wind farms harmoniously generate an impressive 3.6 TWh of renewable energy annually. As a consequence, Fosen Vind surpasses the combined wind energy output of all other wind farms across Norway.

Location: Trøndelag county in central Norway

Developers: Fosen Vind (joint venture between TrønderEnergi and Statkraft)

Image: via Unsplash (30.08.2023)

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