List of the 3 largest solar farms in Finland [2023]

Solar Photovoltaic projects Finland

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Since Finland is known for its long, dark winters without much sunlight, Finland is not the first country to come to mind when thinking about solar power. But this is wrong. Finland actually has a lot of solar potential that compares to the rest of Central Europe. The reason for that is that the long days of the summer – with an almost endless supply of sunlight – compensate for the lack of sunlight in the winter. Another advantage in Finland is the low atmospheric temperature: Since heat reduces the output efficiency, solar panels work more efficiently in cold temperatures. In this article, we present the three currently largest projects in the country.

1) The 475 MW Huittinen solar farm

Located in Huittinen, Finland, this solar farm is currently still in development. Initially started by solar developer SAJM Holding Oy, the project has been acquired and owned by OX2 since mid 2023. It has a planned capacity of 475MW, which makes it one of the largest solar projects in Finland to date. Annual energy production of the farm is expected to be about 475 GWh. This would cover the electricity consumption of about 95,000 Finnish households a year.

Location: Huittinen

Developer: SAJM Holding Oy

Owner/Investor: OX2

2) Planned solar park between Kainuu and North Ostrobothnia

A new project is planned to be constructed by the SkartaNyab group: The company plans to build Finland‘s largest solar plant in the municipality of Utajärvi, which is located between Kainuu and North Ostrobothnia. The plant, when finished, could provide up to 200GWh of electricity for about 40,000 people annually. Construction of the project is expected to start in 2023.

Location: Utajärvi

Developer: SkartaNyab

3) 500MW solar project in southern Finland

A 500MW PV solar farm is planned to be built in Palloneva, which is located in the Southern Ostrobothnia region, 280km northwest of Helsinki. The consortium that plans and owns the project comprises the companies De Vrije Wind, Kaskisten Tuulivoima Oy and Kauhanummi Oy. ATP Palloneva Oy is developing the project. Commissioning of the mega project is planned for 2024.

Location: Palloneva, Southern Ostrobothnia region

Developer: ATP Palloneva Oy

Owner/Investor: De Vrije Wind, Kaskisten Tuulivoima Oy and Kauhanummi Oy

Image: Raphael Cruz via Unsplash (23.06.2023)