List of three Renewable Energy Developers from North Carolina

List of three Renewable Energy Developers from North Carolina

This article is based on our list of the largest renewable energy developers in the USA containing general contact details, company details as well as information about the development focus. The list also offers personal contact information.

Since North Carolina is ranked as second leading state in the field of solar generation and installed solar generating capacity, meaningful renewable energy developers have their headquarters there. Since the amount of energy generated by renewable resources is continuous increasing, the share of energy demand that can be satisfied by the project implementation of renewable energy developers is growing. In the following, three active renewable energy developers with base in North Carolina will be presented.

1. Strata Clean Energy

By developing renewable energy projects, Strata Clean Energy shows its commitment to the generation of clean energy. Using innovative technology, the Durham based renewable energy developer pays close attention to provide transparency throughout the whole implementation process and thereby ensures reliability, quality and safety. Since the founding, Strata Clean Energy constructed over 250 projects summing up to a total capacity of over 2GW installed.

2. Narenco

With headquarter in Charlotte, the renewable energy developer Narenco realizes utility-scale solar installations. Since they started the construction of renewable energy projects in 2009, Narenco can exhibit a project portfolio of over 300MW in operation under construction – which corresponds to the supply of 45,000 households. Striving to optimize the renewable energy supply, the developer tries to combine a low environmental impact whilst maximizing the financial returns.

3. North Carolina Renewable Energy

The renewable energy developer with base in Rocky Mount focuses on the implementation of solar parks in North America. Within the project, North Carolina Renewable Energy ensures high quality and valuable services by having gained experience with large solar utility projects.

Image Source: Unsplash, 18.08.2021