These 5 renewable energy startups are offering internships [2022]

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One key mission of is bringing talent to the renewable energy industry, thereby helping to tackle the planet’s most urgent problem: the climate crisis. Hence, we are eager to connect talented European students with interesting renewable energy startups by introducing five exciting renewable energy startups in Europe.

1. Octopus Renewables (UK)

Octopus Energy is a leader in innovation in European renewable energy markets. The firm was launched in 2015, being backed by British asset management firm Octopus Group. Although it’s debatable if Octopus can be still classified as startup with revenues in excess of 1 billion GBP, the firm is active in all innovative renewable energy fields. Departments of the firm cover renewable energy generation, energy retail, but also specialized services like Kraken Flex, which offers solutions to control Distributed Energy Resources.

Many of Octopus business units have a “startup like” character, that’s why it is included in this list. Octopus is probably the firm with the most open roles in the renewables fields; internships applications can be made speculatively.

Career page (UK):

Career page (Germany):

Octopus Internships:

Fields of open positions (general): Software engineering, Business development, Electrical Engineering, Data Engineering, Marketing, Social Media, HR, Asset Management

Offices: Global (amongst others, London, Munich, Madrid, Paris, New York, Berlin, Milan)

2. Sonnen (Germany)

Once again, it is debatable if Sonnen can be classified as startup. However, the firm is a leader in innovation and growth in the renewable energy field, and hence a suitable entry in our renewable energy startup list. The firm was founded in 2010 and offers end-customer systems for solar energy production and storage. Especially in the storage, energy management and smart tariff field, the firm is leading.

Another special point in Sonnen’s service portfolio is the sonnenVPP, which creates virtual power plants. In terms of renewable energy internships, Sonnen offers dozens of interesting roles in a wide range of fields. Students can also apply on their own initiative.

Career page:

Fields of open positions (general): Business Intelligence, Software, IT Management, Sales, Energy Contracts
Offices: Berlin, Wilpoldsried

3. RatedPower (Spain)

RatedPower is an interesting startup from Madrid that simplifies and enhances the PV plant engineering process. Thereby, it helps to makes PV plants more efficient and proftitable. Partners of the firm include Jinko Solar, Iberdrola, engie and BayWa r.e.

The company has its own, flexible internship program, called RatedPower Academy. It offers a combination of hybrid and office work in Madrid and the chance to start at the firm after the internship.

Career page:

Fields of open positions (general): Software, PV Experts, Sales
Offices: Madrid / Remote

4. zolar (Germany)

zolar announced in May 2022 that it raised a €100M funding round to fuel its growth. The startup manages and offers PV installations on the roofs of residential customers, either for leasing or direct purchase.

The startup offers various internship roles, for example in the divisions Business or Growth Intelligence, Procurement & Supply Chain Management or Solar Engineering.

Career page:

Fields of open positions (general): Marketing, Business & Growth Intelligence, Operations, Controlling, People & Culture, Product Development & Installation, Sales, Software Engineering and more

Offices: Berlin / Remote

5. Pexapark (Switzerland)

Pexapark is a Swiss startup that works on Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) solutions. The startup was founded in 2017 and is baded in Zurich.

Offering cloud-based services, Pexapark enables its customers to optimally price purchase agreements for their renewable plants. The firm also offers PPA benchmarking indices. Working for major customers like Encavis or RWE, the firm is a key enabler in European renewable energy markets. The company constantly offers internships, either through their career page or by getting in touch directly through LinkedIn with Maria Weinberger. So far, internships were mainly offered in the software sales and advisory departments of the firm.

Career Page:

Fields of open positions (general): Software, Finance, Customer Success, Marketing, Sales
Offices: Zurich, Hamburg, London

Image Source: Unsplash via American Public Power Association (16.08.2022)