Three innovative startups in solar energy technology

Three innovative startups in solar energy technology

This article is based on our list of the 100 renewable energy startups in Europe containing general contact details, company details as well as information about the company focus. The list also offers personal contact information.

Renewable Energy is on the rising – and therefore, the market is packed with various interesting and promising startups. Solar energy is one of the most important renewable energy sources all over the world. Although renewable energy and specifically solar energy played an increasingly important role, there are still challenges to be overcome – being demanding weather conditions, lack of space, (too) costly technologies or performance improvement as well as multiple others. In the following article, Renewables.Digital will present three disruptive startups in the solar energy field, which solve problems and provide promising solutions.

dhp technology AG – Swiss solar folding roof

Of course, one of the first decisions which have to be made is what kind of renewable energy source is to be used – the market for technological redesigns and innovation is huge. One very interesting startup is the Swiss dph technology. The solar folding roof is the only one of its kind and guarantees the possibility of further use as industrial space. In addition, the technology protects itself from weather, as it can automatically retract into a protected position.

Heliac – Changing the face of concentrated solar power

Besides generating energy from photovoltaic plants, heat-generating methods are also a part of solar energy. While classical concentrated solar power (CSP) all mirrors/panels focus the catched sunlight on one large receiver, the danish Heliac invented a different approach: Heliacs panels function like magnifying glasses and focus the sunlight on a small integrated part of the panel in which a liquid is heated. In comparison to the traditional CSP, their mechanism is a cheap as any other way of heat producing.

Solytic – Maximazing performance

Aside from new solar technology/panels in itself, the digitalisation also plays a huge role in innovative technology. Being able to track and subsequently improving the performance of any given renewable energy project is one of many technologies offered in the renwables sector. Solytic, a startup headquarterd in Berlin, offers a monitoring service, especially for PV systems. Apart from intensive data collecting, the in-house AI recognizes problems and therefore simplifies maintance; for professional customers as well as for private customers. In Germany, the startup also offers a market place for PV-owners.
Image Source: Unsplash, 14.04.2021