Day: February 4, 2023

Feb 04
List of 3 offshore wind developers from the Oresund region

The Oresund Region is a metropolitan region located in eastern Denmark and southern Sweden, with cities such as Malmo, Copenhagen, and Helsingborg. The region has a population of over 4 million and is also known as Greater Copenhagen. The region has the potential for large-scale offshore wind development and has already had numerous projects developed […]

Feb 04
List of 3 wind farm investors from the Baltics

Wind energy represents a key component in Europe’s net-zero transition, a survey by Eurostat showed that wind energy represented 37% of renewable energy developed in Europe in 2021. The Baltic region represents a huge opportunity for developers to increase this proportion due to the offshore potential the region possesses. In August 2022, the countries around […]

Feb 04
List of 3 solar investors from the Baltics

Energy production from renewable sources has been prioritized globally to tackle the current energy crisis and climate change. The European Union has set the goal of becoming net zero by 2050, a key region to this transition is the Baltics mainly due to the high interconnection with neighboring markets and the high potential for offshore […]