List of 3 green hydrogen projects in the UK

As previously outlined in our article describing three key green hydrogen players based in the United Kingdom, the green hydrogen industry in the nation is considered one of the most mature markets in Europe with a pipeline of 18GW. This growth has been driven by the UK Government with plans to increase capacity to 10GW […]

List of 3 Spanish green hydrogen developers

Spain aims to build on its position in the renewable energy sector which is already strong thanks to its solar and wind development which in turn will help the country produce green hydrogen. In 2020, Spain outlines plans for its Hydrogen Roadmap which they hoped to have 6GW of hydrogen installed by 2024 and 40GW […]

List of 3 German green hydrogen developers

Germany has played a key role in driving the EU’s hydrogen schemes and initiatives to support hydrogen development across Europe. The Renewable Energy Agency estimated there are 60 hydrogen projects in operation in Germany with a further 80 in construction, the largest being a 110MW site. Germany plans to undergo significant growth in the hydrogen […]

List of 3 Norwegian green hydrogen developers

Norway is one of the European countries which aim to ramp up its hydrogen production in the coming years. The Norwegian Minister of Petroleum and Energy announced plans to invest 310m NOK into hydrogen and ammonia research projects in 2022 in order to drive innovation and technology in the country. Business Norway reported that the […]

List of 3 French green hydrogen developers

It is estimated that France generates 900,000 tonnes of hydrogen per year generating 11.5 million tonnes of carbon dioxide. Therefore, it is no surprise that France is one of the other countries which has targeted the EU’s “REPowerEU” scheme in order to ramp up the production of hydrogen in the country. This has led to […]

List of 3 green hydrogen developers based in the UK

The United Kingdom is known for having one of the most mature hydrogen markets thanks to innovative technology resulting in a project pipeline of 18GW. Several business and government support schemes have helped drive the growth, particularly the £240m Net Zero Hydrogen Fund. In 2023, the UK Government announced plans to double the UK hydrogen […]

List of 3 Dutch battery storage developers

The Dutch government outlined plans to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions in 2019, the Dutch aim to reduce GHG emissions by 49% by 2030 and 95% by 2050. In order to do so, renewables giant Wartsila estimated the country will need to develop between 29 and 54GW of energy storage by 2050. Below three key […]