List of 3 green infrastructure investors from Scandinavia

List of 3 green infrastructure investors from Scandinavia

This article is based on our list of the largest renewable energy investors in Europe containing general contact details, company details as well as information about the asset focus and investor type. The list also offers personal contact information.

Scandinavian countries have undergone considerable growth in recent years, nowadays the market is considered mature compared to other European countries such as Portugal and Spain. An outlier to this trend is Finland, which has been setting record levels of growth in recent years. Additionally, in 2020, Norway’s sovereign fund which currently manages $1.3 trillion was been granted approval to make direct investments in green infrastructure and since then has invested over $10bn. In this article, we will describe 3 green infrastructure investors who are based in Scandinavia.

1) Infranode – Solar and Wind investor based in Stockholm

The Swedish group has a 25-year history in long-term investment in energy, transport, digital and social infrastructure. Infranode manages 18 billion Swedish krona and is considered a stable and secure partner thanks to their long-term approach and focus on sustainable projects. In 2020, the group announced plans to invest €133m in offshore wind projects in partnership with Port Esbjerg. The project represents a cornerstone in Europe’s transition to net zero and once completed will create 2000 new jobs.

2) Taaleri Energia – Wind and solar investor based in Helsinki

Taaleri is a leading European investor and developer of renewable energy projects, specializing in wind and solar assets. The Finnish group manages five funds that have a combined installed capacity of 5GW. The SolarWind II fund was launched in December 2021, raising €44m, and hopes to develop 850MW of green infrastructure. Their newest fund was launched in November 2022, the SolarWind III fund will be classified as “Dark Green” receiving the highest category of sustainability. The fund plans to develop 17 green infrastructure projects and once fully operational, will have an installed capacity of 3GW.

3) Arctic Securities – Wind, solar, hydro, and storage investor based in Oslo

Arctic is an independent Nordic provider of financial services that is headquartered in Oslo. The group has been providing financial services to clients since 2007 and their renewables sector is led by Harald von Heyden. In 2019, the Norwegian group acquired a 47% stake in Cleanworld and Greenfact to develop their expertise in renewable energy.

Image Source: Karsten Wurth via Unsplash (16.02.2023)