List of 3 green Infrastructure Investors from Texas

List of 3 green Infrastructure Investors from Texas

This article is based on our list of the largest renewable energy investors in North America containing general contact details, company details as well as information about the investor type and asset focus. The list also offers personal contact information.

In recent years Texas has cemented its position as the leading state for producing green energy with the majority of the energy produced by wind energy. According to Inside Climate News, Texas produced 136,538GWh of renewable energy from wind and solar projects which puts the state clearly ahead of the runner-up, Washington who produced 91,148GWh. A number of factors have played a role in this green energy transition including the vast landscape, favorable weather, and a regulatory system that promotes green energy development. In this article, we will discuss three green infrastructure investors that have played a key role in this transition.

1) Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners Ltd (Texas, United States)

Based in Texas with offices across the globe, Quinbrook has become a specialist in green energy infrastructure investments and operational asset management in projects located across the US, UK, and Australia. The senior management team responsible for the operations of the firm has collectively invested over $8.2bn in energy infrastructure projects since the 1990s, which speaks to the experience the firm can offer. The Texas-based firm has a proven track record investing in solar, wind, storage, biomass, power-to-x, and EV charging projects. Since its inception, the firm has invested over $1.5bn in green energy infrastructure projects with an installed capacity of 11.2GW. In April 2023, the firm announced the acquisition of PurposeEnergy which is a US-based renewable fuels and biogas specialist which outlines the plan to strengthen its position leading the drive behind further green energy infrastructure projects.

2) Arroyo Energy Investment Partners LLC (Texas, United States)

Since its foundation in 2003, Arroyo Energy Investment Partners have invested in over 20 energy assets on behalf of its investing partners (Bear Stearns and J.P. Morgan) by the year 2014. In 2015, the firm launched its first private equity fund named Arroyo Fund II and has invested $2bn since its launch. Arroyo is headquartered in Houston Texas but also operates in Chile with an office in Santiago. The Texas-based firm targets utility-scale projects and green energy infrastructure projects such as wind and solar parks.

3) Rockland Capital LLC (Texas, United States)

Founded in 2003, Rockland Capital has become an expert in acquiring and developing investment opportunities in power and energy infrastructure projects. The firm manages Rockland Power Partners III which is a private equity fund that has raised $454m since its launch. This is the third fund of its kind since the launch of Power Partners II and I which raised $425m and $333m respectively. The funds have supported green infrastructure projects located across the United States and the United Kingdom, investing in assets such as biomass, energy storage, wind, and solar projects.

Image Source: Nuno Marques via Unsplash (19.04.2023)