List of 3 large wind O&M companies in France

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This article is based on our list of the largest wind operations and maintenance companies in Europe which contains general contact details, company details as well as information about development focus. The list also holds personal contact information.

Join us on this journey to discover the key players driving the winds of change in the French renewable energy sector. In this article, we take a closer look at three of the country’s top wind operations and maintenance (O&M) companies. These companies are instrumental in using the power of the wind for sustainable energy production in France. 

1) Neoen – O&M firm from Paris

Paris-based Neoen is a major player in the French wind energy sector. It has a substantial portfolio of wind assets that collectively generate over 2 GW of renewable energy. Moreover, Neoen has a strong presence across France as well as in 16 other countries, strategically located to manage and optimise wind farms in various regions effectively. Neoen’s operational and development capacity stands at nearly 7 GW, and the company has set their sight on surpassing 10 GW by 2025. But Neoen does not stop there: The ambitious long-term goal is to achieve 20 GW by the year 2030.

2) Valorem – O&M in Bordeaux

Founded in 1994, Valorem is a prominent wind O&M company in France that has been constantly growing. It oversees a diverse portfolio of wind farms with a cumulative capacity of approximately 1 GW. Valorem’s headquarters is in Begles in the region of Bordeaux. Valorem’s expertise in wind operations and maintenance extends beyond France, as they contribute their knowledge and experience to international renewable energy projects in Finland, Poland and Greece.

3) Kallista Energy – O&M in Paris

Kallista Energy is a significant contributor to France’s wind energy sector, managing wind farms with a total capacity of around 600 MW. Moreover, Kallista Energy has 5.7 GW in development. Headquartered in Paris, it operates wind projects in various regions, ensuring the efficient operation and maintenance of their wind turbines. With a commitment to innovative wind energy solutions, Kallista Energy is dedicated to advancing France’s renewable energy landscape.

Image: Sonika Agarwal via Unsplash (02.10.2023)