List of the 70 largest wind O&M companies in Europe [2024]

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Last update: 22nd February, 2024

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This list is an excerpt from our list of top renewable energy O&M companies in Europe.


Wind park operation in Europe

List of 5 wind energy operations and maintenance companies in Europe

Wind energy is one of the key energy sources to fight the climate change. Europe has a lot of coastal and high-altitude areas, making it an ideal location to harness wind energy.  This available energy can be harnessed through wind farms – but in addition to planning and construction, these wind farms must also be operated.  The operation and maintenance of wind farms requires a lot of expertise – the following five companies are all O&M service providers in Europe focusing on the operation of wind parks.

1) ABO Wind AG (Wiesbaden, Germany)

ABO Wind AG is a German company with its headquarters in Wiesbaden. As the name suggests, the company focuses on wind energy projects. Founded in 2009, ABO Wind has developed and sold over 5GW of operational projects – all over Germany. Operation and maintenance of wind farms, solar farms and even battery storage facilities is part of the services the company offers. Both technical and commercial operational management is offered.

Update 2024: In late 2023, ABO Wind AG has commissioned two solar parks in Rhineland-Palatinate, southwest Germany. ABO Wind expects to start over 10 solar projects in 2024, having secured locations and approvals for potential projects exceeding several hundred megawatts.

2)Ingeteam S.A. (Labège, France)

Ingeteam S.A. is a French renewable energy company based in Labège. Founded in 1972, the company is active worldwide. Ingeteam focuses on operations and maintenance services in various sector – renewable energy being one of them. The O&M expert offers services not only for wind farms, but also for solar parks, hydro energy projects as well as smart grids.  Ingeteam works with onshore and with offshore wind projects. Because of their renowned expertise, the company is counted as one of the top O&M service providers of wind energy in Europe.

3) Renewable Energy Systems (RES) Ltd. (Hertfordshire, UK)

It is no surprise that a company called Renewable Energy Systems (or short RES) is a renewables company. RES is one of the most important renewable energy companies worldwide, active in development, construction and operation of sustainable energy plants. With over 40 years of experience, the independent service provider from the UK has supported over 12GW of operational projects. Services are offered for solar, storage, onshore and offshore wind, as well as offshore transmission assets.

4) Fred. Olsen Windcarrier AS (Oslo, Norway)

Of course – when listing wind energy companies providing operations and maintenance services – Fred. Olsen Windcarrier AS is essential to name. The Oslo-based company is one of the largest in the world, offering services for offshore wind energy projects. The company was founded in 2005 and is active mainly in European countries and in Taiwan.

5) Enel Green Power (Rome, Italy)

Another industry giant is Enel Green Power. The renewable energy company has its headquarters in Rome and operates globally. Since the foundation in 2008, the company has racked up an impressive portfolio and is active all over the value chain. Operations and maintenance of wind farms is one of the services the Italian company offers to their customers.

Wind park maintenance in Europe

Using our list to establish valuable connectionsTop 70 map of European wind O&M companies

Our list offers the possibility to identify potential new customers or establishing partnerships within the industry. The list is delivered as an Excel file, which offers the possibility to filter the data according to your specific criteria. For example, with just a few clicks, you can pinpoint (European) operations and maintenance companies focused on offshore wind maintenance with headquarters in Norway

Establishing our database

Our comprehensive database of European renewable energy operations and maintenance companies is compiled by, our team screening transactions and analyzing new projects. In addition, through our cutting-edge crawler technology, the lists undergo regular updates and expansions multiple times each year. All the entries are accessible in our online database.Every entry in the list is also accessible in our online database. In case we missed an important company, please submit it here.

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  • Regional Focus
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Picture Sources: Getty Images & Jesse De Meulenaere via Unsplash, 20.07.2023


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