List of 3 PPA offering renewable energy developers in Germany

List of 3 PPA offering renewable energy developers in Germany

This article is based on our list of the 450 largest renewable energy developers in Europe containing general contact details, company details as well as information about the development focus. The list also offers personal contact information.

According to market research by SolarPowerEurope, PPAs have become the third most important component for solar growth in Germany. Leading German companies have paved the way by implementing corporate PPAs with companies such as Bosch negotiating solar PPAs. It is estimated that Germany will require an additional 51.6GW of installed capacity to meet climate targets. Therefore, it is clear that PPAs will be fundamental if Germany is to achieve such goals. In this article, we will discuss the German developers offering PPAs in a country that is fast becoming a major European hub for renewable energy production.

1) ABO Wind – Solar, Battery, Hydrogen, and Wind developer based in Wiesbaden

ABO Wind has 25 years of experience to call upon and is considered a specialist when it comes to wind and solar development. More recently, the group has also expanded to battery and hydrogen projects. ABO Wind is responsible for the development/sale of over 5GW of renewable energy projects, 2GW of which they have developed themselves. Collectively, their projects have avoided over 2 million tonnes of CO2 each year. The Wiesbaden-based group has organized numerous PPAs and provides tailored green PPAs to help corporations reduce their carbon footprint. In March 2022, the German group announced a 10-year PPA with Norwegian renewables giant Statkraft. ABO will provide electricity generated from their 86.8MW Finnish wind farm to Statkraft, which will produce enough electricity to supply 80,500 houses with electricity.

2) Enerparc – Solar developer located in Hamburg

Enerparc is an expert in the development, planning, and operation of solar energy. The Hamburg-based group operates in 25 countries and has completed 540 solar projects worldwide. Their current portfolio has an installed capacity of over 2500MW and in total the German group has connected 3600MW to the grid worldwide. Enerparc has a vast amount of experience dealing with PPAs, in April 2022 the group announced a 20-year PPA with Volkswagen. Enerparc will sell the electricity produced by their 5.3MW solar project in Zwickau to the car manufacturing group, reducing their carbon footprint by 4% annually.

3) BayWa – Solar, Wind, and Biomass developer based in Munich

The German group is one of Europe’s leading developers of renewable energy. Currently, BayWa manages over 10GW of renewable assets and has connected over 4GW of renewable energy to the grid. The Munich-based group pride itself on being 100% carbon neutral and is an ever-expanding independent power producer as well as dealing in energy trading. BayWa can provide integrated PPA solutions as well as offer consultations to conglomerates to help reduce energy costs and present tailor-made solutions such as roof-top PV panels, storage solutions, and eMobility. In November 2022, the ground announced Europe’s first agrivoltaic corporate PPA with Velux. The 60MW and 56MW solar projects in Seville will supply energy to Velux Group, a Danish manufacturer that specializes in roof windows.

Image Source: Anders J via Unsplash (04.02.2023)