List of 3 Renewable Energy Investors in the United Kingdom

List of renewable energy investors united kingdom

This article is based on our list of the largest renewable energy investors in Europe containing general contact details, company details as well as information about the asset focus and investor type. The list also offers personal contact information.

The Year 2020 was an important year for the renewable energy sector for countries all across Europe, the United Kingdom being one of them. In the UK, the energy generated from renewable energy sources surpassed fossil fuels with almost a quarter of energy generated from wind farms. Alltogether, the UK’s renewable energy now accounts for 42% of all energy generated.

Therefore, the investment field is highly relevant. Wind parks are the most important sector in the UK, but UK Investors are also very interested in different asset classes all over Europe. In the following article, 3 relevant renewable energy investors from the United Kingdom are presented. This article is based on our top 50 database of the largest renewable energy investors from the UK. More investors can be found in our List of +100 Renewable Energy Investors in Europe.

1. Green Investment Group (Edinburgh)

The Green Investment Group was originally founded in 2015 by the UK Government and was bought in 2017 by the financial group Macquarie Group Limited. The investor has its Headquarters in Edinburgh and is one or the pioneers in green infrastructure investments. Having a diversified portfolio all over the worl, the the Group has projects in onshore and offshore wind as well as solar parks.

2. Greencoat UK Wind (London)

The company says it all – Greencoat UK Wind is a London-based investor, who invests in UK-based wind projects. Both asset classes – offshore wind and onshore wind – are of interest for the investor, as long as their capacity is over 10 MW. As part of the Greencoat Capital LLP, Greencoat UK Wind is the wind-specialist of the well-know Manager.

3. Bluefield Solar Income Fund (Guernsey)

The Bluefield Solar Income Fund with its base in Guernsey is an investor who focuses not only on the acqusition of renewable energy, but also on the long term management of their assets. As the name states, the focus of the firm are solar assets. In early 2021, the investor has over 100 assets in the UK which comes to over 610MW installed capacity.

Picture Source: Unsplash, 31.03.2021