List of the 3 largest solar parks in Spain [2023]

Murcia and Extremadura PV farms

This article is based on our list of the largest renewable energy developers in Europe containing general contact details, company details as well as information about the development focus. The list also offers personal contact information.

Spain is among the European leaders when it comes to solar power: In 2022, Spain was ranked the leading solar PV market in Europe with Germany in second place. After another analysis in 2023, Spain ranked second after Germany. In this article, we introduce the three largest operational solar farms in Spain as of August 2023. Not mentioned in this list is the Solar park de Chiprana by developer Cobra (ACS Group), because the 850MW solar park consists of 17 separate plants with each 50MW capacity.

1) Francisco Pizarro PV farm

First on the list is the 590MW Francisco Pizarro PV plant. It is located between the municipalities of Torrecillas de la Tiesta and Aldeacentenera, Cáceres. The photovoltaic park has 1.5 million solar modules which supply enough electricity to cover the consumption of over 334,000 households. The park was commissioned by its developer Iberdrola in August 2022. The large-scale solar project is the company’s largest solar facility. The company has an impressive renewable energy portfolio of over 19.3GW installed capacity in Spain. But it does not stop there: Iberdrola has ambitions to reach 25GW of renewable energy capacity in the country in the near future. 

Location: between Torrecillas de la Tiesta and Aldeacentenera, Cáceres; Western region of Extremadura

Developer: Iberdrola

2) Núñez de Balboa Solar park

Located in Usagre, Badajoz in Extremadura, the 500MW Núñez de Balboa PV solar park has an annual output of 832GWh. It supplies energy to around 375,000 people annually. It became operational in 2020. Like the first solar plant on the list, this solar park was developed by Spain-based multinational energy firm Iberdrola.

Location: Usagre, Badojoz, Extremadura

Developer: Iberdrola

3) Mula Photovoltaic Power Plant

Capacity-wise very close to the second photovoltaic park on our list is the third one with a generating capacity of 494MW. Located in Mula in the state of Murcia, this solar park takes up 10 km2 and commenced operations in 2019. At that time, it was the largest photovoltaic plant not only in Spain, but also in Europe. This park was developed by Cobra (ACS Group). 

Location: Mula, Murcia

Developer: Cobra (ACS Group)

Image: Red Zeppelin via Unsplash (02.08.2023)