List of the 3 largest wind farms in Sweden [2023]

Sweden Gothenborg wind power initiatives

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Sweden, a country already known for its commitment to sustainability, has embarked on a journey towards harnessing wind energy on an unprecedented scale. This article delves into the most substantial wind power initiatives across the country, highlighting their vast capacities and significant contributions towards a greener future. From onshore to offshore ventures, Sweden’s landscape is being transformed by these colossal wind projects that promise to revolutionize its energy landscape. 

1) 3.4 GW onshore project Markbygden 1101 in Norrbotten County

Markbygden 1101 stands as Europe’s most extensive onshore wind energy project. Once it’s fully finished, it will include as many as 1,101 wind turbines, which is why it’s called “1101.” These turbines together will be able to generate up to 12 TWh of energy each year which is about 8% of all the electricity Sweden produces. On a global scale, Markbygden 1101 is one of the largest wind energy projects. It is situated near Piteå in the north of Sweden and covers an area of 450 square kilometers. This project is split into three main phases. The electricity the turbines generate gets sent through nearby 400kV cables and then distributed to homes and businesses all over Sweden using the national power grid. Construction of this massive undertaking started back in 2010, with some wind farms already operational and others still being built. One of the operational wind farms in this cluster is the 750MW Oenusberget project. It is one of the largest single-site onshore wind projects in Europe. German investor Luxcara acquired the wind project from Swedish developer Svevind.

Location: 20km west of Piteå, Norrbotten County, northern Sweden

Developer/Owner: Svevind AB, Enercon

2) 2.5 GW Mareld wind park west of the island Orust

Freja Offshore AB, a joint venture by Ireland-based Mainstream Renewable Power and Sweden-based Hexicon AB, plans a 2.5GW Swedish offshore wind project. The Mareld wind park is planned to be positioned around 40 kilometers to the west of Orust Island, within Sweden’s economic zone. This remote offshore location is advantageous for generating substantial and consistent amounts of renewable energy. Once it’s fully established, Mareld is predicted to provide 12 TWh of energy each year. This amount is equivalent to about two-thirds of the electricity needed in the Västra Götaland region.

Location: 40 kilometers west of the island of Orust

Developers: Freja Offshore AB (Mainstream Renewable Power and Hexicon AB)

3) 1GW floating offshore Västvind farm outside Gothenburg

Swedish developer Eolus Vind AB proposed the Västvind offshore wind project which will be located in the Swedish economic zone.  The project comprises up to 50 turbines with a total installed capacity of 1,000 MW. The Vastvind wind farm is set to be built in the municipalities of Kungälv and Öckerö, near the Port of Gothenburg. The Gothenborg Port Authority acquired a 5% of the shares in the project company, while Eolus keeps a 95% interest. This wind farm is designed to produce enough electricity to meet all of Gothenburg’s power needs. It’s predicted to generate around 4 to 4.5 TWh of electricity each year. If all goes as planned and the project starts construction in 2027, this project might start operating in 2029. 

Location: Kungälv and Öckerö, outside the Port of Gothenburg

Developer: Eolus Vind AB

Image: insung yoon via Unsplash (15.08.2023)

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