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List of 3 New York IPPs investing in renewable energy

New York Governor Kathy Hochul has been fundamental to the state’s transition towards a net-zero future thanks to the landmark climate law which passed its final scoping plan in December 2020. If successful, the plan will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 85% by the year 2050 (from 1990 levels). The state has adopted a “cap-and-invest […]

List of 3 PPA offering renewable energy developers from Texas

Texas is well established as the leading producer of electricity generated by renewable energy sources in the United States, mainly from wind and solar projects. According to the green energy media group Inside Climate News, the state produced 136,538GWh of renewable energy from wind and solar projects. In this article, three green energy developers based […]

List of 3 PPA offering renewable energy developers from New York

The State’s Climate Leadership and Protection Act outline plans in January 2019 for 70% of the state’s electricity to be supplied by renewable energy projects by 2040. In order to achieve this target, Kathy Hochul the state’s governor announced the tender of 22 green energy projects which will require an investment of $2.7bn. The future […]

List of 3 wind park developers in California

Wind energy is an integral part of California’s electricity portfolio. It is needed to help meet the state’s Renewables Portfolio Standard which is one of California’s key programs for advancing renewable energy. Wind energy is currently the largest source of renewable energy in California, making up about 40 percent of the state’s renewable energy capacity. […]

List of 10 wind energy developers in the United States and Canada

Wind energy is the second most common renewable energy next to solar energy. Therefore it is also an important asset for the United States and Canada, where a significatn amount of total energy is generated by wind parks. Both countries are under the Top 10 countries concerning wind energy capacity. Therefore the northamerican wind energy […]

List of three Renewable Energy Developers from North Carolina

Since North Carolina is ranked as second leading state in the field of solar generation and installed solar generating capacity, meaningful renewable energy developers have their headquarters there. Since the amount of energy generated by renewable resources is continuous increasing, the share of energy demand that can be satisfied by the project implementation of renewable […]

List of three Renewable Energy Developers from Texas

By being the leading state in the context of energy production and generating more than one fifth of the country’s domestically produced energy, Texas is one of the most important areas within the United Stated for energy developers. Since Texas provides a large area and many sunny days, it also features great potential for the […]

List of three Renewable Energy Developers from New York

When thinking about New York, most of the people will instant imagine the impressive skyline – especially in the nights when all the thousands of lights are shining. Speaking of the huge amount of lights demonstrates the enormous energy consumption, which results in high demand of energy supplier. Providing good conditions for renewable energy generation, […]

List of three renewable energy developers from California

Besides landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge or the famous Silicon Valley, California is especially known for its sunny weather. And the people of America also know very well how to use the power of the sun – the oldest solar power plant in the world with 354 MW is located in California. But it’s […]

List of 10 solar park developers in the United States and Canada

Renewable energy gains more and more attention worldwide – America has one of the highest energy demands all over the world and therefore is at the forefront of research, development and implementation in the field of renewable energy. Solar or photovoltaic energy is one of the fastest rising energy sources and accordingly more and more […]