List of 3 German battery storage developers

In this article three German developers of storage energy will be introduced. All of the developers can be found on our list of European storage developers.

This article is based on our list of the largest battery storage developers in Europe which contains general contact details, company details as well as personal contact information.

Despite consecutive years of decline, Germany’s installed capacity of battery storage projects is expected to double in the coming years after the sector experienced significant growth in 2022. Overall, 434MW of battery storage were installed in 2022 which is a record for the country after only installing 36MW in 2021 according to energy storage news. This article will introduce three key developers based in Germany who will support the nation’s continued battery storage expansion. All of the developers discussed in this article can be found on our list of large European storage developers.

ABO Wind – wind, solar, hydrogen, and storage developer based in Wiesbaden

Founded in 1996, ABO Wind is amongst Europe’s leading developers of green energy with specialties in wind, solar, hydrogen, and storage assets. The German group has developed green infrastructure assets across 16 countries and 4 continents. ABO invests €500m euros per year and has developed projects with a combined installed capacity of 5GW. In October 2022, the group developed its first stand-alone battery project in Northern Ireland. The storage site located in Kells has an output of 50MW and a capacity of 25MW, the project is considered one of the fastest in the world with a response time of less than 150ms. The German aim to continue to develop storage projects, in September 2022 the group announced they received a promissory note loan with a volume of €70m to develop wind, solar, storage and green hydrogen assets with a project pipeline of 20GW.

RWE –  wind, solar, hydrogen, hydro, biomass, and storage developer based in Essen

The German renewables giant is paving the way to achieving a green energy world, aiming to increase the capacity of its green infrastructure assets to 50GW. Over the course of a decade, RWE plans to invest €50bn in renewable energy. The global giant has a workforce of 19,000 and a clear net zero by 2040 target. The German group has been developing storage projects for over 10 years and aims to increase its installed capacity to 3GW by 2030. In June 2023, the group completed its 137MW battery project in California. The Fifth Standard project also includes a solar park with an installed capacity of 150MW

Siemens Energy – wind, hydrogen, and storage developer based in Munich

Siemens is a leading global energy technology developer with a portfolio consisting of hydrogen, hybrid power plants, power generators, and conventional energy technology. The German group has a workforce of 93,000 across 90 countries, placing it amongst the leading energy players. Siemens continues to expand in the battery storage market and relies on its partnerships developed with fellow energy groups. In June 202, the group announced a partnership with EnergyNest to develop thermal energy storage solutions on an industrial scale. Its flagship site is a storage project located at Sloecentrale which will use excessive energy produced from green sources to replace natural gas, reducing carbon emissions.

Image Source: Karsten Wurth via Unsplash (18.07.230