List of 3 German green hydrogen plants

This article will introduce three green hydrogen plants that are located in Germany. All of the projects are developed by firms which can be found on our list of large European developers of green hydrogen.

This article is based on our list of the largest green hydrogen developers in Europe which contains general contact details, company details as well as personal contact information-

As mentioned in a previous article, Germany currently has an estimated 80 green hydrogen projects at different stages of development across the country and 60 currently in operation, the largest with an installed capacity of 110MW. The country hopes to undergo rapid expansion in the coming years with aims to deliver 28GW by 2030. This article will highlight three green hydrogen projects that will be fundamental to achieving this target. The green hydrogen sites are developed by firms that can be found on our list of large European developers of green hydrogen.

Wilhelmshaven Green Energy Hub – TES and EWE’s 500MW Electrolyser

Tree Energy Solutions (TES) and EWE have partnered to develop a 500MW electrolyser with plans to increase capacity to 1GW. Development is due to finish in 2028 and will use green energy produced by renewable projects off the North Sea. The site represents the desire for the duo to make Wilhelmshaven a major European green energy hub. The green hydrogen site will not only act as a hub for importing green energy but also generating locally produced hydrogen.

GET H2 Nukleus – RWE’s 100MW Green Hydrogen Plant

One of the key European renewable energy developers RWE will also strive towards dominating the German green hydrogen project and have begun to establish its position thanks to a 100MW green hydrogen site located in Lingen. The project consists of long-distance gas pipelines which will form some of the framework of the country’s nationwide hydrogen network. The green hydrogen site will be powered by wind turbines and the hydrogen produced will be transported across its 130km pipeline. The green hydrogen project which was completed in 2021, formed the basis for a reliable, sustainable hydrogen economy in Germany which will aid the country’s decarbonization.

Thierbach – HH2E’s 100MW Green Hydrogen Plant

The 100MW project is located in the Borna region near Leipzig, the site has the potential to be expanded to a 1GW site. The project will be developed by HH2E and supported by two investment firms – Foresight and HydrogenOne, both located in London. One of which, HydrogenOne received £25m support by Ineos in 2021. The trio involved in the project will form a consortium to develop the green hydrogen plant and construction will begin in 2023. The project is the second to be developed by HH2E after its initial project in Lubmin was previously announced. Both projects will play a crucial role in HH2E’s goal of developing 4GW of green hydrogen by 2030.

Image Source: via Unsplash (10.07.2023)