List of 3 large PV portfolio owners in Spain

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As one of the European countries with the most sunshine hours, Spain has a high potential for solar energy. No wonder that Spain was one of the first countries to deploy utility-scale solar and is the world leader in concentrated solar power production. The following three companies own huge PV portfolios in Spain.

1) Iberdrola

Headquartered in Bilbao in Spain, Iberdrola is a global utility company for electricity and gas. By investing into renewable energy such as solar and offshore wind, as well as into smart grids and efficient storage, Iberdrola is advancing the renewable energy transition. The company is planning to invest €150 billion in the transition towards renewable energy until 2030. As a global leader in renewable energy, the company‘s investments have already reached a total capacity of 44GW in 2022 with the plan to have 60GW installed by the year 2025. The company is the leader in renewable energy in Spain with a huge portfolio of 17,571 MW installed capacity. Its investment plan for 2025 is to bring this number to 25,000 MW. As for its photovoltaic portfolio, the utility company has committed to have 4,900 MW installed in Spain and a total of 9,900 MW installed worldwide by the year 2025.

2) Q-Energy

Madrid-based company Q-Energy is a leading fund manager focused on renewable energy, energy transition and sustainable infrastructure. By investing into photovoltaic, wind energy and solar thermal energy with several of the company‘s four designated funds, the group has established a 12GW portfolio. The portfolio includes 9.25GW of solar, 2.25GW of wind and 500MW of storage in Spain, Portugal, Germany and France. According to its  strategic plan from 2022 to 2025, the company will invest a further €9 billion in renewable energy projects. 

3) Exus Management Partners

The Madrid-based investment and asset management firm Exus Management Partners focuses on the renewable energy sector which includes the investment into wind, photovoltaic and small hydro assets. In over 20 years the company established a portfolio which stretches across Spain, Italy, Portugal, Germany, France, Turkey, the US, Brazil, Mexico and Canada with a total capacity of 9 GW. In Spain specifically, Exus Management Partners holds a 2441MW renewable energy portfolio of which 1237MW are solar assets.

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Image Source: American Public Power Association via Unsplash (05.08.2022)

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