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Mar 01
List of 3 solar park investors from Asia

Solar Energy is one of the most widespread renewable energies, also in Asia. The mixture of many hours of sunshine and solar irradiance, as well as the population density of Asian countries, means that the market for photovoltaic/solar energy is very lively here. Solar energy is a technology of the future – this is also […]

Feb 28
List of 3 renewable energy investors from China

China is not only the most populous country in the world but also one of the fastest growing economies in the world – if you look at energy consumption, the country is in first place. Accordingly, the energy transition is a particularly exciting and active topic here: according to the Global Energy Review, the People’s […]

Feb 24
List of 3 renewable energy investors from Singapore

Although Singapore is a small player in terms of area (Singapore is the smallest country in Southeast Asia in terms of land area), the city-state is nevertheless at the forefront of up taking renewable energy. Accordingly, Singapore is also very active in investing in promising renewable energies. In the following article we present 3 investors […]

Feb 23
List of 3 renewable energy investors from Japan

Japan is one of the Asian and world countries with the highest energy consumption and also one of the countries most accomplished in the development and use of renewable energies. The country has set itself the ambitious goal of having about 40% of its energy mix come from renewable sources by 2030. Accordingly, the investor […]