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List of 5 large wind energy portfolio owners in Europe

In 2020, Europe had an onshore wind capacity of 195GW and an offshore wind capacity of 25GW installed. In 2022, offshore wind is forecasted to reach a record high in Europe: 4,2GW of offshore wind are predicted to be installed that year. The number of newly installed offshore wind technologies is expected to continue rising […]

List of 3 large PV portfolio owners in Portugal

Solar energy is a growing power source in Portugal. In 2020, the combined installed capacity was 1.03 GW which made up 3.6% of the total power generation in that year. Portugal has set the goal to have a total capacity of 8.1 GW to 9.9 GW installed by the year 2030. The following three companies […]

List of 3 large wind energy portfolio owners in Norway

Wind energy accounts for about 10% of the electricity production capacity in Norway. With this amount of its electricity production coming from wind energy and with Norway‘s high electricity production in mind, it is no wonder that wind energy in Norway is dominating investments. The following three companies are among those investors that own large […]

List of 3 large wind energy portfolio owners in the UK

The UK is considered as one of the best locations for wind power in the world. No wonder that wind power is the biggest source of renewable energy in the United Kingdom: By August 2022, the UK had over 11,000 wind turbines installed with a total capacity of over 25.5GW which includes a capacity of […]

List of 3 large wind energy portfolio owners in Scandinavia

The largest part of Scandinavian electricity is from renewable sources. The renewables share of Scandinavian energy consumption is almost five times as high as the EU average and has risen almost three times as fast. In recent years, the countries Denmark and Iceland have raised their shares the most, while Sweden, Finland and Norway had […]

List of 3 large wind portfolio owners in Denmark

Denmark was a pioneer in the development of wind power during the 1970s. Now, it has a total wind power capacity of over 6GW and a large part of wind turbines all around the world are being produced by Danish manufacturers. The following three Danish companies have invested into large wind portfolios. 1) Eurowind Energy […]

List of 3 wind energy portfolio owners in Germany

Ranked as the first place in installed wind power capacity as well as production in 2021, Germany is a country where wind power is an important and growing source of energy. It comes to no surprise that the following three countries which are located in Germany own large wind energy portfolios. This article is based […]