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List of 3 wind park investors in Texas

Texas as the national leader in the wind energy industry produces more wind power than any other state in the US. In Texas, there are over 150 wind farms with a combined capacity of over 30,000MW. According to the American Wind Energy Association in 2019, the installed wind capacity in Texas even surpasses the installed […]

List of 3 wind park investors from New York

As the 15th windiest state in the United States, the wind resource is able to provide at least half of the needs of New York‘s electricity. New York as a renewables-supportive state is a leader in the transition to a greener energy future. The first wind farms in New York came online in 2000 with […]

List of 3 solar investors in California

In 2018, California ranked first in the United States for solar power generation. In recent years, California’s electricity generation from solar power has increased substantially. Renewable energy, including solar panels on building rooftops, has more than tripled in the state since 2005. Known as the “Golden State“ with high sun exposure, solar is an especially […]

List of three Renewable Energy Investors from North Carolina

With signing the Session Law 2007-397, investor-owned utilities were from now on obliged to saturate up to 12.5% of their energy demand by using renewable energy resources or energy efficiency measures. In combination with the optimal regional conditions for renewable energy generation in North Carolina, many investors in this field were attracted. Three of them […]

List of three Renewable Energy Investors from Texas

Texas is not only famous for their oil industry but also for its huge share in the country’s domestically produced energy – and investors know that too! As it was the first state in the nation to produce electricity powered by wind energy, the start of renewable energy generation was made early on. Today, the […]

List of three Renewable Energy Investors from New York

As outlined in the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act, New York strives towards the goal that by 2030, 70% of the electricity can be provided by renewable energy sources, the state wants to accelerate the energy transition. This aim represents the relevance of renewable energy in the state of New York where also many […]

List of three Renewable Energy Investors from California

Knowing about the large area and optimal conditions, investors in the field of renewable energy greatly appreciate California.  With solar photovoltaic systems producing an amount of 1,205 GWh energy a few years ago already and the energy supply of more than 1.3 million households through wind energy clarifies that investors should be aware of the great […]