List of 50 largest renewable energy developers in France [2024]

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Last update: 19th February, 2024

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This list is an excerpt of our database of the 575 largest European renewable energy developers.



French wind energy developers

List of 3 Renewable Energy Developers in France

French developers are in the majority characterized by their years of experience and use of the latest technologies. Active in multiple fields of renewable energy, the French developer industry drives the energy transition forward by shaping the global development and thereby the improvement of renewable energy generation. Based on this standing, three of the top French developers will be introduced.

1. EDF Renewables (Paris)

EDF Renewables is a French developer who shares the goal of the energy transition. Besides using the newest technologies, EDF Renewables realizing numerous renewable energy projects, especially in the field of wind energy and energy storage. In order to maximize the use of natural resources in the context of energy generation, the Paris based developer evolved renewable wind energy projects with a total capacity of 500 MW. Furthermore, the developer aims to reach a capacity of 10 GW energy storage within the next 15 years.

Update 2024: EDF is planning to develop a wind farm with a capacity of 30MW in County Roscommon, Ireland. The project is planned to be operational by 2028.

2. Voltalia (Paris)

The French developer Voltalia exhibits a portfolio with realized renewable energy projects across 20 countries. The Paris based developer realized various kinds of renewable energy such as solar farms, wind parks, hydro power and biomass projects. Moreover, Voltalia is one of the largest independent power producers globally. The company is integrated in all steps of the value chain. The implementation of their renewable energy projects is evermore characterized by the values of ingeniosity, integrity, entrepreneurship and team spirit. Voltalia has reached their goal of 2.6 GW of capacity (installed or under construction) in the beginning of January 2023 – a year earlier than expected.

Update 2024: Voltalia reached 2GW of installed renewable energy capacity in Q4 of 2023.

3. Ciel et Terre (Sainghin-en-Mélantois)

Ciel et Terre is considered as pioneer and leader in the field of floating solar projects. Since 2011, the French developer strives to enable high-end, reliable and long-lasting projects while concurrently maintaining their ecological footprint by reducing the cost of transport and promoting local employment. Due to their innovative and patented Hydrelio technology, the photovoltaic solar cells can be adapted to various floating solar applications, amongst others hydroelectric dams or water-treatment. The developer ensures stability and resistance to environmental constraints by installing tailor-made anchoring floating Photovoltaic systems.

French solar energy developers

Developers for renewable energy in France

Map French renewable energy developers

As a signatory to the Paris Climate Agreement, France has committed itself to the fight against climate change. One of the most relevant starting points here is the transformation of the electricity market. The development and promotion of renewable energies such as solar energy, wind energy, hydropower, biomass or geothermal energy are essential in order to meet the – continuously increasing – demand for electricity in the future without further burdening the environment. Renewable energy project developers are therefore an incredibly important component for the electricity market of the future.

Our list enables landowners, investors and other companies to find suitable partners. In order to compile our list, our team screens renewable energy deals in Europe and in France and analyzes the involved parties. In case we missed a relevant renewable energy developer, you can submit a new listing here. In case we made an error on a certain firm – for instance not mentioning an asset – you can always report an error on the respective page. Through crowdsourcing, we consequently improve our list.

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Image Sources: Biel Morro & Karsten Würth via Unsplash (28.01.2023)