List of 50 largest renewable energy developers in Scandinavia [2024]

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Last update: 19th Februrary, 2024

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This list is an excerpt of our database of the 575 largest European renewable energy developers.



List of 3 Renewable Energy Developers in Scandinavia

The Scandinavian developers are highly valued in the renewable energy industry. In addition to the large portfolio of realized renewable energy projects, they are above all characterized by the constant urge for improvement and further progression. By aiming the energy transition, Scandinavian developers are evolving new technologies that convert the generation of energy to an even more sustainable and efficient way.

1. Scatec – renewable energy developer from Oslo

The Norwegian developer Scatec has realized renewable energy projects with a total capacity of 3035 MW. To large parts, this capacity is based on solar parks and hydro power projects but also by onshore wind parks. Besides the finished projects, new renewable energy projects with a capacity of 320 MW are currently under construction. By developing these projects, the Oslo based developer aims the vision of improving the future by building a competitive and sustainable way of energy generation.

Update 2024: Scatec started commercial operation of solar PV plants with a total capacity of 150MW in Pakistan. The company signed a 25-year PPA with the Central Power Purchasing Agency of Pakistan to supply energy to the country.

2. OX2 – wind energy developer based in Stockholm

The developer from Sweden is realizing renewable energy projects by evolving innovative solutions for energy generation. In order to transform the energy supply chain to a sustainable way of implementation, the OX2 develops renewable energy projects from the acquisition to the commercial management. Since their founding in 2004, the Stockholm based developer was able to accomplish onshore wind parks in the Nordic region with power over 2.4 GW. OX2 is planning the development of a 1400MW offshore wind farm in Finland. The project will be in the southwest of Vaasa and will compromise 100 turbines.

Update 2024: OX2 initiated the operation of two Polish wind farms, totaling 65 MW in capacity.

3. Ilmatar Windpower – Helsinki-based wind energy developer

The Helsinki based developer for wind energy projects is highly motivated to detain the threatening progress of the climate crisis with all its effects. By developing renewable energy projects, Ilmatar Windpower is approaching their mission of realizing clean energy and therefore actively fighting the climate crisis. The developer from Finland aims emission free and highly sustainable energy generation and relies on the huge potential in the field of wind power energy.

Hydro energy in Scandinavia

Developers for renewable energy in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark

Northern Europe is a leader in the renewable energy market – about five times the share of renewable energy compared to the rest of the European standard. Not only this makes Scandinavia one of the most interesting and largest markets – the energy mix is also structured differently than in other countries – hydropower and biomass are, like wind, the most important renewable energies. Accordingly, renewable energy project developers are incredibly important in Scandinavia.

Our list enables landowners, investors and other companies to find suitable partners. In order to compile our list, our team screens renewable energy deals in Europe and in Scandinavia and analyzes the involved parties. In case we missed a relevant renewable energy developer, you can submit a new listing here. In case we made an error on a certain firm – for instance not mentioning an asset – you can always report an error on the respective page. Through crowdsourcing, we consequently improve our list.

Included columns in our renewable energy developers list

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  • Postcode
  • Address
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Onshore Wind?
  • Offshore Wind?
  • Solar?
  • Biomass?
  • Geothermal?
  • Hydro?
  • Hydrogen projects?
  • Energy storage?
  • PPAs?
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  • Installed capacity
  • LinkedIn of Management
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  • Regional Focus
  • Founding year

Image Sources: Simon Landmann & Prateek Srivastava via Unsplash (13.02.2023)